The Bible says, “Be joyful always.” How is it possible?

I guess no one can be happy 365 days a year.

Any idea?

Being "happy"and having joy in your heart are not the same thing.Being happy is a temporary state.Having the joy of the Lord is deep feeling in ones soul that is mixed with faith that tells us no matter what happens,even things or circumstances meant to destroy us will not harm our souls if we keep the faith.That these things the enemy(Satan)throws at us or just life happening to us are temporary.Our Lord will bring us through it to safety.Hope this helps,Rocky.

Well, to start with- practice. Consider it a goal to strive for, not a simple “on-switch”. Do your best for a while, then get back to us. Let us know how it is going.

Joyful is not always the same as happy, although there is a great overlap. When you are deliberately praising and thanking God for your situation you can be joyful. Practice.

Good answer! :thumbsup:

I just want to add that “being happy” could also mean rejoicing in the Good News of Christ’s Resurrection.

"Be joyful always.”

while you’re at it ,

1 Thes 5:17 Pray without ceasing.


joyful and happy are not the same thing.
we can be joyful and blessed in the terms of the beatitudes all the time and I think that is what the bible means in this context. Joy is an attritute of heaven and the spiritual realm, happiness merely as the word is used today a description of earthly sensations and emotions which are fleeting and based on material conditions that change constantly, and have little relationship to one’s spiritual well being.

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