the bible

i started reading the bible for like the 10th time… back then when i would read it i never felt like this excitement in reading it, like this urge i feel when i read mystery books or love books, but this time its different.

i love how i know what the bible is talking about, how im excited to read more & more & im learning so much. Im just really happy that my faith is growing slowly & it took me years but im finally realizing everything that is good in life, how much god loves me, & how much my family means to me. I think ive never been this happy in life. I have to admit their is days that i jst wish i can give up, were i feel sad, i cry & depressed, or even just angry at the world, but i just pray for a little & put myself in gods hands, & he slowly takes all my problems away. I know its young 19 is young & i have so much to learn still, and that life can get hard at times, and thats when faith is put to the test i jst hope my faith is strong enough to survive any situation as hard as it comes & know that things happen for a reason god knows what he is doing & i should just trust his ways & just believe in him.

May god all bless you <3 :slight_smile:

That is great that you are reading the Bible and getting so much out of it. That is the Holy Spirit leading you. The younger one starts to do that, the better it is for their lives to go in the right direction.


In the reading plan I’m following, I am amazed at the relevance of the daily psalm readings to my daily life. Praise be to God!

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