The biggest brain dump ever!


I sent my family/friends an email announcing our new assignment and mentioned the “home of the world champion white sox”

UH, DUH, we’re going to DAYTON OHIO…WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I still remember typing it and it made perfect sense at the time…LOL – I feel like the biggest idiot ever…so I sent out an addendum, suggesting I was simply picking the closest winning team, after all, who wants to root for the team that finished 6 games back?!? LOL…I dont’ think they’re going to buy it, but family is supposed to love you no matter how stupid you are, right? I can’t even tell you the brain dumps I’ve been having lately…I know where to blame it, but we haven’t told anyone “the news” yet b/c of all our losses (so there you have my news, lol!) – So I can’t even blame it on preggo brain! I should never send out emails on days when I take children food shopping with me, it’s a wonder I find my way home those days…

Someone please say something to make me feel “not so stupid”

:o :stuck_out_tongue: :o :o


i thought i was the only one that did stuff like that. i spelled our son’s middle name wrong when i sent out pictures from his birth


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