The Bigot Bumpersticker

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I’ll continue to say what I want (defunding the police hurts minorities)
Do what I want (I am going to continue wearing a mask, please stop telling me whether it works or doesn’t)
And cling to my religious beliefs
(Jesus loves you)


Yup. It hurts everyone who lives in a high crime area, really. It’s yet another reason why I think the modern democratic party is beginning to lose it’s grip on reality. And I’m still a registered democrat!


Any politician who supports defunding the police should not be allowed police escorts, private security or secret service protection.


I think I’ve reached the age where I don’t make decisions based on others’ approval.


My grandpa was a three war veteran, lifelong Democrat, even ran for office (as an independent, he actually did not lose by that much). I think, he’d rightly be horrified about what most of the Democratic party has become (I want to be fair, because I know not all Democrats are like that, and the Republicans still, unfortunately, have a largely neoconservative, hawkish, contingent). Though, before his death, he was more Conservative. By the way, Grandpa was also a jail warden for Cook County, Illinois.

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Sounds like the majority of my family too, though to the best of my knowledge no one ran for office. My grandfather was hardcore democratic but, like yours, he became more conservative has he got older. Especially on social issues.

I consider myself a southern democrat. The last of a dying breed. Oh who am I kidding. We’re extinct! lol


Someone asked me if I’d vote for Democrats, and my answer is always “If I agree with their positions”. That being said, I am not a member of a political party, BUT, if I run for office, I’m a Republican. Consistent, too. I’ve never voted to raise taxes, those one cent sales taxes add up, dang it!

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There is, of course, nothing wrong with saying “Unborn Lives Matter”, but in deference to the very real pain that black people feel about their lives somehow not being seen as “worth as much” as those of non-blacks, I would have to hold off on any “[fill in the blank] Lives Matter” slogans or paraphernalia other than BLM.

In short, I am willing to concede the “Lives Matter” slogan to black people and black people only, because admittedly, there is a problem in our society with regard to the whole issue. Their lament has a huge amount of legitimacy, and few credible arguments against it. I don’t think there’s a person alive who can’t concede that the tragic George Floyd incident got completely out of hand, and a man who, by most accounts, was taking at least some steps to turn his life around — even if he was less than perfect at it — lost his life when he shouldn’t have.

Twenty dollars isn’t something to die over. I wish I could have been there, slipped him a twenty, said “here, use this, buy whatever, give me that bogus note of yours, and I’ll take it home and shred it, this’ll be our secret just between you and me”.


Ideologues are ideologues.

Q: How do you make a radical ideologue worse?
A: Give them power.


Most Catholics of that generation seemed to be Democrats. At that time they seemed mostly consistent with Catholic social teaching, supporting the working class laborers, actual racial equality, etc. Abortion drove many Catholics to the Republicans, but the Dems have been moving farther and farther away on the other issues now too. Trump at the very least shook things up and the parties seem to be realigning a bit, with Dems now the party favored by the big corporations, the tech oligarchs, the corporate media, the foreverwar types, and the general neo-liberal capitalist global imperium. There’s a reason the Dems lost the Catholic vote worse than in decades this time around, despite the Dems having a Catholic candidate.

I hope the Republicans can continue moving toward an economic approach closer to Catholic social teaching which places the family, working class/labor, and the common good of both local communities and the whole at the center and end of economic activity–that combined with more conservative social positions (also favoring the family), I think could be a real winner–we’ll see if the realignment can continue in the right direction.

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Very true.

Andrew Yang, a Democrat, said that the Democratic Party has lost touch with the working class. It is now a party of coastal elites who seem to be more interested in cultivating “woke” culture than in working to make the lives of ordinary Americans a lot better.

He’s right. For that he came under a lot of backlash. Funny though, the backlash attacked him and not his message.


I think if we were still at the point where it was a slogan to convey that meaning that would be reasonable. Even then, though, I would think it should still be open to other groups that society (through law or action) treats as worth less. That is to say, Unborn Lives Matter would still be appropriate.

The point is largely moot now, since BLM has grown beyond a slogan and into a political identity. Reserving words to advance human dignity may make sense, but reserving them to protect a political brand does not.

What I hate about it is it pushes a FALSE narrative that ENDANGERS Black people (and, perhaps more obviously, policemen). In 2019, twice as many unarmed whites were killed by cops than unarmed Blacks despite there being similar ratios of police confrontation. The idea that Blacks alone or Blacks mostly are killed, was frankly untrue. You can probably name multiple of the poor victims who had enough melanin, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know even a single name of the white victims. Ask yourself, why?
The false narrative is DANGEROUS because if you think cops don’t care about your life, will you follow their instruction? Even if you personally would, how many others would? If you then don’t follow their direction, this increases incidence of brutality, which then feeds into the narrative. It’s a vicious cycle.
Rather, we need to look at why police confrontation is so high in a small minority. Is there bias at this level? Are minorities being raised in a certain way (the epidemic of fatherlessness, say)? What can we do to help at this basic level?
George Floyd was a tragedy. I do not know why the cop was on his neck for so long. It was a symbolic moment. But, the cop’s lawyer has argued that the death was through drug overdose. I dunno the truth, but it is a shame and we need to not act rashly and assign blame too quickly.
But pushing a dangerous false narrative is not the way to bring change. Truth shall set us free!

I totally agree with him, and you.

The only reasons I’m not Libertarian is that the party is pro-choice, they never win, and some of their members are very kooky and anti-law enforcement… So I’ll undoubtedly be a life long Republican.

The Solidarity party is pro-life and is also aware of the struggles that a lot of not so well off folks undergo.

Both Democrat and Republican Party no longer seem to care for the struggles of the working poor.

This is an excellent observation. The Republican party can, and should, reimagine itself as the party of the common working person, and of people who seek out traditional family values (even if some of those “families” are nontraditional, and please do not read this as condoning morally illicit unions). There is still a wide swath of Americans who just want to be left alone, and to do what they think is right, without being bludgeoned into collectivism and unwanted political correctness.

I was thinking just today, perhaps in a roundabout way, it will be good for Biden to become president — it will force Catholics to answer the question “do you agree with the kind of Catholic he is, or do you not, and in either case, why?”. Agree with him on abortion choice, or not? And if you go along with the Church and not Biden on abortion, then why don’t you go along with the Church on other things — contraception, divorce and remarriage, premarital sex, gay sex, what have you? Why does Biden pick and choose? Why do you?

That would be interesting to sit back and watch.

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