The Birth of Christ: Narrated by Liam Neeson

Recently on the Catholic Answers show there was some discussion about a PBS special called either The Life of Christ or The Birth of Christ, I can’t remember which, nor can I remember when it was on or who the guest was.
I loked through my PBS guide for the special and can’t find anything like that.
Does anybody have info on this?


Hope this helps!

I went to the site and listened to a clip- it sounded wonderful!

Cool - I will have to make a note to watch this. Thanks for posting this! :thumbsup:

Has anyone seen this new DVD ?

The Birth of Christ: Narrated by Liam Neeson

I’ve heard good things from Laura Ingram and (best I can recall) World Over Live, so I’m considering buying it.

Is there a Catholic online store which carries it? So far I haven’t found one.

I checked the grids at the EWTN website but this special isn’t there yet. anyone knows the schedule/s?


I know…“Johnny Come Lately”…but for what it’s worth, I walked right into Barnes & Noble (CA) about 2 weeks ago after Raymond Arroyo showed clips from it, and bought it right off the shelf.

If you’re not open to the traditional arts, you may pass-out. I was actually glued…as I would have suspected after seeing it on EWTN.

I’m a big fan of sopranos and I was pleased with “Mary”. Liam is respectful and reverent in his introductions. As a matter of fact, the whole production takes you back to a “reverence” that has recently been discarded in regards to contemporary Christmas celebrations.

Turn down the lights…go HD if you have it, turn up the volume, and go to the cathedral. Go back to reverence…it’s quite cool!

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