The Birthrate Wars


Well, better a birthrate war than nuclear terrorism, I thought. But, assuming for a moment that this preposterous claim is true, how should patriotic Americans respond?


Are you referring to a coordinated effort in Islam directed at overtaking non-Muslim lands through population instead of combative tactics? This is the exact opposite of “preposterous” my friend. This is a form of jihad.

There are two types of jihad: greater and lesser. Within the “lesser” jihad, there are six forms and one of those forms is the “migration to the infidels’ lands for the sake of Muslim evangelization” (Inside Islam, Ali, Daniel; Spencer, Robert).

I would rephrase this to “how should non-Muslims, specifically Catholics, respond?” and answer it by becoming as informed as possible to Islam and its values and beliefs. Also, we should live out the call of responsible family living and foster and develop families and cultures of life and Catholic values. Christian culture, specifically in the Western world, has fallen hook, line, and sinker for the one-child or no-child mentality that has decimated our culture.

God bless.


Here is a quote from Archbishop Chaput:

“If you want to see the face of Europe in 100 years, barring a miracle, look to the faces of young Muslim immigrants.” Thus said Philadelphia archbishop Charles Chaput at a recent Napa Institute conference. “Islam has a future because Islam believes in children,” he said. “Without a transcendent faith that makes life worth living, there’s no reason to bear children.”

But Islam values children differently than Christians. Here is the link to the article:

Family Friendly Islam Comes to Europe


Even if Islam did not exist, the rapidly falling birthrate would be a problem, or rather, it is the result of the problem of secularism.


Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.


It’s not a conspiracy. This process has been observed since the time of the Renaisance. When people have more opportunities they have less children. Coupled with a falling death rate, you don’t need to have ten children to break even.
As Muslim countries get more prosperious, their birthrate falls too.


Let’s get busy!..


But, assuming for a moment that this preposterous claim is true, how should patriotic Americans respond?

The author of the article thought it was a preposterous claim also.


A moratorium on all immigration and family friendly policies from Western governments is a good start.


I shudder at the thought of “babies for the sake of babies”. (And I love babies)
I think we’re supposed to be open to life, and God will send us the babies we need and who need us, each one a precious gift and an individual person.
Not everybody is called to marriage.
Not everybody is super fertile (I know several non-contracepting couples who only had one or two…or none).
Not every baby is healthy and will grow up to be a parent.
Competing for babies will turn these little guys into commodities rather than persons…


That is why we seal the borders first.


I agree, but I think a ban on immigration from certain areas or countries would be better. Some immigrants are helping our society.


Banning immigration by non-Christians would be an excellent start.


Great. Let’s start with you.


This is a delicate subject.

I read this article on the weekend and must say I agree with her:

There’s a gigantic difference between the Catholic view of family and vocation and this image advertising for large white families to “save the West.”

The alt-right is far more subtle and dependent on predominantly true statements and good things slowly twisted into something incredibly dangerous and damaging. I find the idea that this could seep into Catholic culture positively terrifying.

Equip yourself to know it right away and to reject any ideology that diminishes the dignity of each human being. When you hear someone talking about immigrants ask yourself is this is the same message the bishops are offering. When you hear someone talk about “the west” ask yourself if they want to preserve the Book of Kells or if they want to perpetuate oppression toward people of color and the perverse gospel of eugenics.


I think that both the United States and Europe need to restrict illegal immigration and the migrant influx respectively because it’s bad for the US and Europe. Unlike @starshiptrooper, I don’t think there should be a religious test (while most are, not every Muslim is a radical), and there definitely shouldn’t be a racial/ethnic test, but I do think that we need to have more stringent tests on what immigrants to the US and Europe believe and do – anti-democratic ideas are a no; you actually have to work for a living rather than being a welfare sycophant – rather than just opening up the gates as Germany, Sweden, etc have done.

I really like the way Poland, Hungary, etc have dealt with this. There’s a reason neither of them has had an act of Islamist terror committed against it.


The issue of immigration should be addressed separately from the issue of birth rate.

There are issues with Islam, but that did not cause the rapid decline in birth rate in North America and Western Europe. Secularization did.

Iceland now has a 100% abortion rate for unborn children with Down Syndrome. I think we should ban immigration from Iceland. In fact, I would look closely at the whole “secular humanist belt”, Iceland, Scandinavia, Holland, and, pretty soon, some other parts.

At present our screens of Muslims are imperfect. But our screens against Eugenics fanatics are non existent.

In general Muslim immigrants/refugees are, at present, less likely to be brainwashed by the pro abortion, pro euthanasia, pro gay marriage movement than the bulk of the US population. I think most of them, especially those who go to college, will gradually adopt much of the secularism of mainstream America, but this will take a generation.

Assuming our ineffective screening procedures are currently rejecting, say, half of the violent Muslim radicals before they can come here, that means that population in general may not be any more dangerous than the average 2017 American stock. Maybe less dangerous, as citizens.

2 local abortion doctors have performed many thousands of abortions. Both of them were born and raised in the US. What is the total killed, or wounded, by all the immigrant/refugee/asylum radicals in the past 20 years?


All well and good except I am not an immigrant. I happen to be a native American.


Yeah, whites trying to secure a future in the face of a world growing increasingly hostile to the very idea of white people is so terrible.

Here is a pretty fair representation of what the alt-right actually believes in.


That belief is horrifying and exactly what the article I posted addresses.

I have nothing further to say. :worried:

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