The Bishop of Cleveland declares appartions false

It seems he was instructed by Rome to tell Catholics there is no truth in them, and this ministry isn’t even Catholic

Just to clarify:
The Bishop of Cleveland was asked by the Holy See to investigate the locutions and apparitions of Maureen Sweeney-Kyle of Holy Love Ministries and the Confraternity of the United Hearts. In his theological investigation he found that they are not of supernatural origin.

Many Catholics were asking for guidance from the Church concerning this organization which had regular rosary prayer services, with claims of messages from Jesus, Mary and many Catholic saints. It is the duty of the bishop to make clarifications to his flock, and that is what the Bishop has done.


Thanks Anna:)

What seems to point out the lies is when the individuals form these groups and associations, like the Most Holy Family Monastery(Bayside? NY) and in this case, Holy Love Ministries. No such thing came out of Lourdes and Fatima. They didn’t need it, the Church was their ‘association.’

Why can’t fringe groups come up with good names anymore. “Holy Love Ministries?” Really? Knights Templar, Priory of Scion (I know it doesn’t exist…), Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, those are all good names. Holy Love Ministries sounds like one of those non-denominational nightmares down the road from me.

Not so. The Blue Army Association is associated with Fatima. Also the Marian Movement of Priests is an “association” with Father Don Stefano Gobbi. This movement has thousands of clergy and laity.

I have read what I could find about this bunch and it looks like they were heavy into raising donations…They went ecumenical by the sounds of it, to increase the number of people that would give

They must answer to God for what they have done…There was never any concrete proof of what they claimed except Mary has told me anyone can say that, it means nothing

They refused to meet and be questioned by representatives from the church

It sounds like she was seeing every saint she could according to her

There have always been a number of false apparitions. In the Twentieth Century when Lourdes and Fatima occurred (as well as some others then that were approved by the Church), there were many more that were false, the Church after investigating saying that nothing supernatural occurred there. There have been some other false ones too in the United States, one or two of which gained some prominence. (It is better not to supply names, or this thread could get derailed.) It is lucky that there is someone who investigates such supposed apparitions, since pride and fraud can be expected to produce false claims to have seen Mary, some people being who they are.

previous bishops have also discredited these claims, but this comes from the Vatican so the case is closed. I don’t know that anyone in the diocese takes her seriously any more, but the site attracts many pilgrims from elsewhere.

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