The Bizarre Case of Terri Schiavo

I cannot fathom why Terri Schiavo, someone NOT in persistent vegetative state, should have had her feeding tube removed. I can’t understand why even someone with PVS should have to die such a long, tortuous death (13 days of dehydration)…

Here is the Time Line of Events in the
Terri Schiavo Case:

3-20-2004: Pope John Paul II declares: “…the administration of water and food, even when provided by artificial means, always represents a natural means of preserving life, not a medical act.”

4-16-2004: A Florida state senator blocks passage of an updated/permanent version of Terri’s Law (bill 692) by prevenitng it from reaching the Senate floor. Had it been enacted, the Florida Supreme Ct may have viewed the constitutionality of Terri’s Law in a more favorable light.

5-6-04: Pinellas-Pasco Co. Circuit Ct voids Governor Bush’s executive order protecting Terri and bars the governor from exercising any further authority regarding Terri. The governor immediately appeals, which continues the stay in state court.

This was new to me - a war of wills between the governor and the circ. court]

9-23-04: Terri’s law is declared unconstitutional in the Florida Sup Ct.

9-27-04: Bob and Mary Schindler appear live with Attorney Gibbs on Larry King’s CNN program to tell the world their story.

12-3-04: Governor Bush appeals the Florida Supreme Ct decision in the Terri’s Law case to the united States Supreme Ct.

1-24-05: [size=]The US Sup Ct rejects Governor Bush’s appeal of the Florida Sup Ct decision (Bush v Schiavo). Judge Greer then orders not only the removal of Terri’s feeding tube but also the withholding of all hydration and nutrition by mouth, to begin March 18.

3-16-05: The Florida Second District Ct of Appeals rejects the Schindlers’ appeal to stay the removal of the feeding tube. They appeal this to the US Sup Ct through Justice Kennedy but the Court declines to get involved.

3-18-05: The US House of Rep Committee on Government Reform issues subpoenas for Terri S, her husband, her doctors and others from the hospice facility to appear at a 3-30 hearing in Washington, DC, which should have resulted in the reinsertion of the feeding tube but Judge Greer denies Congress’s motion to intervene and ignores congressional subpoenas.

3-18: Feeding tube removed 3rd/final time.

3-18: Attempts to save Terri’s life are ongoing in the governor’s office, the Florida legislature, the US Congress and with President G. bush.

3-20: On Palm Sunday, the US Congress delays its Easter recess and works through the weekend to pass S686: An Act for the relief of the parents of Theresa Marie Schiavo… 109th Congress. President Bush flies back from TX to sign the bill into law.

3-21: At one am, President Bush is awakened to sign the federal equivalent of Terri’s Law, intended to give Terri access to a rehearing in federal court, just as a criminal death penalty convict would receive.

3-22: Judge Whittemore rules that there is no state action involved in Terri’s death order and that Terri has no federal claims that the congressional legislation entitles her to pursue. He refuses to alter the status quo of Terri’s death sentence while appeals are pending.

3-23: Judge W’s 3-22 ruling is immediately appealed to a three-judge panel of the Eleventh Circuit. In a 2-1 decision, the court denies the request to reinsert the feeding tube based on the Palm Sunday Act of Congress, also denying the petition in a full court hearing; 2 judges side with the Schindlers.

3-25: The Schindlers appeal Judge W’s second ruling to the Eleventh Circuit. The court issues a stern warning that it does not wish to consider this matter again.

3-25: The Schindler’s file a final pleading with Judge Greer on Good Friday, by telephone. The affidavits state that on the morning before Terri’s feeding tube was removed, Terri attempted to say, ‘I want to live,’ in response to a plea from Mrs. Weller. Greer denies this, accepting that Terri has no ability to communicate.

3-28: In total, the Schindlers file 10 petitions in 10 days in every possible jurisdiction, which set a record in US legal history (went through the federal ct sys to the Sup Ct and back twice in ten days).

3-30: Nearly a dozen people are arrested attempting to bring water to Terri.

3-31: The US Sup Ct refuses to hear a petition for appeal.

3-31-05: After 13 days, Terri dies - the first victim of a civil death order by a judge in the history of the US.[/size]

*So much for "Government by the people, for the people… (and etc.)…

Guess what, Folks? The Judicial branch is “God” …*

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that’s one of the strangest things about the Sciavo case… Her husband was suspected of being the one to cause the injuries in the 1st place… NOthing was proved but some (Dr.??) said that someone had “worked her over good”…

So why did he have Guardianship???

I was totally blown away by this whole thing…

seems the devil has set up residence in the US…

Other countries have criticized what the judge in that case did…

maybe that one guy was right, although i hate saying a Muslim is right about much… when he called out country the Great Satan…

In any case, our country has had a LONG histoyr of being extremely anti-Catholic…

which is why i think Terri’s parents were thwarted (and she murdered)… because of their Catholicism… It was like that judge was going to make darn sure no direction was taken by him (or anyone else if he had his way) from the pope… or those who follow him…

i’m probably paranoid more than i realize… but i couldn’t help but wonder if the parents in that (cited) case were more successful because the person suspected of wanting to kill their son was a woman… No way to tell since there are too many other factors involved… like a better judge… of course, it doesn’t take much to be better than Judge Greer… :eek: :rolleyes: :frowning:

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