The blessed Mother

Does the virgin Mary ever appear to anyone outside of the catholic faith?


My understanding of some of the Marian miracles is that there have been non-catholic witnesses.


Fatima pops to mind, many in that crowd were atheists.

^Yes… when Mary appears to a crowd, there are bound to be non-Catholics in the group. Atheists, agnostics, non-Catholic Christians, and maybe followers of other religious traditions.

Gee!!! I sure love my Faith! Thanks bee to GOD! =) every challenge i come upon …GOD has covered that angle! that’s how I know that this really is the truth!! just sayin.:smiley:

There was an apparition of Mary in Egypt that began several years ago, in which many of the witnesses were not Catholic.

Yes, she appeared to hundreds of thousands in Egypt: Both Christians and Muslims saw her.

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