The Blessed Sacrament almost brought me to tears

Today at Mass, before we processed outside for the procession, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed in the Monstrance and with me having to serve, I had to kneel on the front steps of the sanctuary with the other servers, and I was like a foot away from the Blessed Sacrament. I actually almost started crying because it was so beautiful, and it made it even more beautiful when the cantor began singing “O Saving Victim”.

I might have to go to Eucharistic Adoration sometime.

that’s wonderful :slight_smile:

Adoration is great, you should really go! :thumbsup:

A nearby parish has 24 hour adoration. Finally a time opened up and I signed up. My hour is from 11:00 to midnight on Saturday night. I wouldn’t miss it! I put a little :heart: in my date book to remind me. It’s amazing. I never know what it will be like but one thing is always true: the time always goes by too fast.

A very sweet woman on another website, knowing my constraining circumstances, sent me a website that does 24-hour adoration. I got down on my knees like one would during adoration, and I swear…every time, Jesus brings me to tears. The more time I spent with Him, the more I understand about His life and His passion. It is beautiful.

I love all the responses :slight_smile:

Our Lord is sooo wonderful!!! He changes our hearts through His REAL Presence :slight_smile: I went to a TLM in the evening on Corpus Christi Thursday, and it was so much different at night. We had Benediction afterwards and it was incredible, the Lord really touched my heart and I feel like I’m on the edge of something, that God is so much different and so much more than I ever could imagine, and it’s so strange but it’s just happened this Corpus Christi. :heart: Did your priest tell you the history of the Feast Day??? It’s really good, look it up!

Once you know that it is the Lord, you are at the foot of His cross. As there was wailing and weeping at Calvary, so it is entirely appropriate for us to weep out of love of Him - what our sins required be done to Him. I have had the gift of tears for almost all my life, but only recently have I allowed it to be used for its intended purpose. I no longer care what those around me think of my tears. My only advice is to let the tears flow. You will receive such peace in exchange for this simple expression of your sorrow and love. In my case, it is at the moment of consecration that the enormity of what we are witnessing is made clear. I would be callous or hard hearted not to cry.

Christ’s peace be with you.

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