The Blessed Virgin Mary's Mum and Dad


St Joachim and St Anne

Celebrated on July 26th

There are two churches in our parish , one dedicated to St Joseph and the other to St Anne , so there is a special Mass this evening for the patronal feast of our St Anne’s church .

Parents of the Virgin Mary , little is known about St Joachim and St Anne . Their story is told in the apocryphal Gospel of James but neither are mentioned in Holy Scripture.

The early cult of Joachim was recorded in the East with images on the columns of St Marks in Venice. Later, Giotto painted Joachim and Anne in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua.

They were also depicted together in stained glass at Great Malvern Priory, Hereford, Worcester and elsewhere (according to the Oxford Dictionary of Saints). Joachim is said to be buried in Jerusalem.

The statue of St Anne in our church .


Here is one of St Ann holding Virgin Mary Mother of God and Jesus Christ. It is made of wood, is about 500 years old and in good condition.


I take it that one of the children is Our Lady , do you know who the other one is ?


Ann is holding Mary on her left arm and Jesus on her right. You can see the crown on Mary´s head and long hair (young girl). Jesus has short hair and is holding the globe/world with a cross on top in his hands.


Thanks , @HeDa .



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