The Blessing of being Clueless


I overheard neighbors playing a new game about me, “He is so clueless that”

After hearing that I have been clueless about being propositioned — I am happy to be clueless. :slight_smile:

Matthew 10:16c as innocent as doves.

Romans 16:19c but I want you to be wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil.


Ignorance is bliss, and the happiest person is the village idiot. God grants people certain intelligence to build up his kingdom here on earth. Some people come out on the short end of that stick, but it doesn’t make them less human or less loved by God. Intelligence or street smarts can often be a stumbling block, for example, as a source of pride. To those who are given many gifts, more will be asked of them. We don’t have to pray for lack of intelligence, but we shouldn’t be ashamed of it either. If the simple soul simply sees God, that is a blessed person indeed.


Ahhhhhh! yes, Of course, but then you couldn’t just look like everyone else there should be a clear look to us that lets everyone know that we are not to be expected to have a clue either.

Yes, perfect we should make a virus that we could inject and write into our DNA to make us all have downs syndrome.:eek: Then we could choose to just be clueless and happy. Is that the blessings your talking about?


Yes, exactly, don’t we just get all rundown about always having more expected? Why not just stop the expectations and be happy? The Reality is that there is no easy solution and becoming ignorant isn’t going to make all your problems melt away, but trust in God’s love will, though it may not help your earthly life much because we’ve got crosses to lug around.


I read the OP a completely different way. I (without pride, because it’s just the way God made me) have a certain amount of intelligence and a certain amount of skills that are compatible with it. I happen, also, to be somewhat socially naive in that I don’t always get stuff like what the OP was describing. And I’m happy about that, too! It makes my life more peaceful.


Sorry, but many of you previous posters have completely missed the point of the OP!

Being clueless (as the term is used in many parts of the US) isn’t the same thing as being unintelligent! I have a high IQ, but I often have no clue about the “drama” going on around me at work. By not engaging in the lunch room gossip, I have been happily on the outside of some major skirmishes, able to act in love towards all because I wasn’t aware that doing so would be considered “taking sides” in these dramas.

I am considered “clueless” when it comes to people wanting me to take sides – and I thank God for that! My cluelessness allows me to love without judgment or reservation.

I remember one time when I was a teenager being propositioned by a man (at least ten years my senior) – but my innocence left me completely clueless as to what he was suggesting, so I just shrugged my shoulders and walked away. My friends had to explain to me what had actually happened in that moment – I was physically completely safe the whole time, but might have been tempted by curiosity or flattery if I had known I was being propositioned.

I am clued in about relationships, other people’s feelings, the latest educational research, Church teachings, and many, many other areas in the arts and sciences. And I love taking college courses to increase my knowledge and understanding.

But sometimes being clueless is a blessing! We ought not to give into our curiosity about sin and all the different ways sin can be committed. And we ought not try to be “clued in” to everything other people think or say about us, or what they are thinking and saying about other people we know (or don’t know, for that matter).

Perhaps it’s all in the meaning we give to the word “clueless.” But 'round here, there are many, many times when being clueless is a blessing!



This is exactly what I was trying to convey, but you said it so much better! :slight_smile:


I recall in my younger days a term called “oblivious.” Is this “clueless” the same thing?


It could be. :shrug:


Look at it like this: If you know the Truth, you don’t have to worry about the unknown, right? Also, those of us who know that Jesus came to save us from our sins are Blessed because we have hope of Salvation and can do something about it here and now—and we have the means to avoid purgatory.

So knowledge is a good thing, and remember, one with a stain on his/her soul goes to Heaven.


I am happy because I did not sin. I am good being clueless to temptations that lead one off the path of righteousness by keeping my eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our salvation.


Being able to respond while ignoring the temptation to take a side in a squabble is far superior to being ignorant or unobservant of it by choice. You can’t help people not telling you something and of course you don’t want to know about gossip. There is only a problem when people begin to seek out being ignorant about things they should know.


While insightful, that wasn’t at all what the OP was originally describing. It wasn’t a question or complaint, more (as I read it) a celebration and invitation for others to offer their own inspiring examples.


I’m encouraged that the celebration of striving to be clueless is a big flop.


Were Adam and Eve clueless before biting the big apple?


IOW, would they have committed a mortal sin by today’s standards? (full reflection, full consent, etc.)

Good question.


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