The Body (2001)


Someone posted a thread which was closed, about how, it Jesus’ body was found, it would end Christianity.
Another poster linked something from IMDb about this topic. It’s an Antonio Banderas movie called The Body, released in 2001.
Just making sure here, but this movie was purely fiction, right?


Of course.


13% on Rotten Tomatoes. Tells me all I need to know.


What does that mean? I’ve heard of the site but don’t know what it is, exactly, or what 13% on it means.


Means it got positive reviews from only 13% of professional contributors who reviewed it. Not exactly a passing grade.


Yes, it was me. Here it is again.

You’ve aroused my curiosity. What gave you the idea it might not be fiction?


Yet another Catholic Church bashing movie.


Nothing. I have OCD and sometimes fear my faith will be found to be untrue. So when I read that, it made me worry. So this movie IS purely fiction, right?


Again – yes.


Yes, @SeriousQuestion is right, it is an anti-Catholic movie, though not as grossly anti-Catholic as some. Also, it’s not a very good movie, mainly because of weaknesses in the storyline. It’s entirely fictional. If you like, I can tell you what happens, which will reassure you that there is no danger to your faith, but it would be a spoiler. For that reason I don’t want to post it here on the open thread, but I can send it to you as a PM if you think that’s necessary.


Yes, it is completely fiction. Totally made up.
Be at peace.


I just read the synopsis and the main question it raised in my mind is, what was Derek Jacobi doing in such a golden turkey of a movie, especially the same year as he appeared in the critically acclaimed “Gosford Park”?


Outside of Egyptian mummies and the odd Chinese emperor, how many identifiable remains of ANY pre-A.D. 1000 historical figure have ever been confirmed? I’m going to go out on a limb and say “zero.”


The same thing Lord Olivier was doing when he was appearing in all that dreck in his golden years: making money hand over fist to ensure his loved ones would be taken care of after he’s gone. Sad.


I would want to know how they would identify it as Jesus’ body in the first place. And in the second place, yes the book and movie are fiction, as others have amply stated. :slight_smile:


The issue is even moot, because at the end of the movie, the dead body was identified as a young Christian man named “David” so all the trouble in the movie didn’t matter at all.

So even if the movie were true (and I don’t know why the OP would even allow that thought to cross her head), it won’t destroy Christianity because the body wasn’t that of Jesus.


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