"The Body of Christ, 'Steven'"


Is there any “Instruction” regarding the saying of a person’s name in together with the words, “The Body of Christ,” by an extraodinary minister or priest when he distributes Communion? In my parish, some ministers say, “Margie, The Body of Christ.” Are there any “rules” or “codes” which address such a practice?


According to paragraphs 41 and 43 of the Norms for the Distribution and Reception of Holy Communion, the proper words are “The body of Christ” and “The blood of Christ.” Nothing else should be said, including acknowledgement of the person’s name. This online handbook for extraordinary ministers of holy Communion – a local parish’s document – makes a good point when explaining why names should not be used:

When offering [the] Eucharist, do not state a person’s name, even if you know it. This fragments the common unity of the assembly. When you say some names and not others, it implies some are more important than others.

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