The Bohemian Club?

I ran over their mascot in a music video, and wondered “what’s with that owl”? So about an hour later I figured out it was linked to this group called the “bohemian club” so I started looking into that. It’s some crazy stuff! It’s like the KKK meets some kind of weird satanism. The only problem is on the internet you have all these “conspiracy theory” sites, where they twist all these different words and take them out of context and throw them all over the page in bold neon green text. A lot of the sites get crazy. There is a small owl in the top right corner of the 1 dollar bill and they say that all money is linked to satanism and if you have any you’ll go straight to hell. lol my question is; does anyone really know anything about these costumed nerds?

Bohemian Grove and Club are at the least pagan worship. I think a majority of people think it is just harmless story telling. When I first heard of the Bohemian Grove I was studying the Gospel of John. In the Gospel of John 15:18 and 16:33 it shows distinction between the world and Christians. After reading the Gospel of John and the Psalms in the Daily Office, there might be some validity to what some of the conspiracy people say. There is a battle between good and evil, what all those forms are we don’t know. But if we stay grounded in scripture under the guidance of the magisterium we should shay balanced. Caesar’s image was on a coin. Roman pagan’s worshiped Caesar as a god. Jesus said give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, give to God what is God’s. Jesus did not say don’t touch or use the money. Whether or not there is a New World Order or Illuminati is not important, a look at the moral compass of our society shows there is no doubt the devil has turned up the dial. But as Jesus said " In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world."

There is much less to Bohemian Grove than meets the eye. The Club was founded 1872 as a drinking club in San Francisco which celebrated the 19th century infatuation with The Artiste. It has been infiltrated several times by enterprising reporters, engendered a number of left-wing protesters who view it as the secret (some secret!!) haunt of rich industrialists and conservative pollitcos. And, it has spawned a large number of contradictory conspiracy theories. It is in reality a male-only, artsy gathering of the well-heeled and famous. Here are some members or participants: Herbert Hoover, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Bush (41 and 43), James Baker, Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Alexander Haig, Walter Chronkite, Bob Hope, Ray Kroc, William Randolf Hurst, Neil Armstrong, Herman Wouk, Charlton Heston, Richard Nixon, Sierra Club founder John Muir, as well as Mark Twain, Jack London, Bret Harte, Ambrose Bierce and others. There are talks by various professors, musical performances, drama (often done in drag), fireworks, an organ recital and some really adolescent hokey rituals (think of the club founded by Calvin in the cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes). The writer Hampton Sides (see In Darkest Bohemia in Americana [2004] which I recommend) says it costs (a few years ago) $8,400 to join and monthly dues of $110.00. There is obviously some networking going on but it is mostly self-indulgent male bonding, kind of like a fraternity party in the woods. I have heard that women are barred since their presence would make it awkwood for the guys to urinate in the woods. If this be Satanism or Pagan Worship, the occult has really been dumbed down.

I just find it all somewhat, comical.

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