The Book "christ Among Us"

Any problems with this book. Trying to find out for someone. Thanks

yes many, discussed in an old thread, I will try to find it, but please post full info on the book in question so I can make sure we are talking about the same thing

quick check
read the section on the Eucharist and see if it emphasizes a sacrificial banquet, or if it focuses only on celebration of the community

read the morality section and see what it says about premarital sex, homosexuality and gay marriage.

read the section on the sacrament of penance and the examination of conscience, how does it define conscience, and does it call a sin a sin or does it waffle on sin

About 15 years ago our Church used it for RCIA. I am now horrified that we used it for any purposes at all, much less instructional purposes.

We could all probably make some good recommendations if we knew what it is that you need the book for.
answered by Fr Serpa
if you search “Christ among us” several other threads will come up as well

the old 2005 thread I remember

thread refers to CUF action in successfully having imprimatur removed from this book

my rather “liberal” pastor and my rather “liberal” former parish in Ohio became incensed when someone presented a case of these books to be used for RCIA–the only time in 12 years I ever saw him angry–because of the doctrinal and moral errors it contains. he brought in the whole parish council and staff to explain why the gift was rejected and why the book was so bad

According to my notes the Imprimatur for this was withdrawn in 1984. I think it was at the direction of the Vatican, but not sure on that.

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