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My friends bought me a book called the book of Answers for my birthday. We did use it for 2-3 minutes. I want to get rid of it since it seems that it’s related to horscope. Did I put my soul in danger. What is the proper way to get rid of it?



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This is taking a pun seriously, but the boa constrictor is a snake, and the snake, as Genesis tells us, is a deciever. Don’t trust the book, throw it away: it’s superstitious and it is like the Onji Board.


I would just burn it unless someone suggests a better, approved method. If you read it 2-3 mins without knowing you would offend God then you have not sinned. You may have invited evil into your life or home though. I say may have, not you did. I would tell the priest about it in confession regardless of whether you sinned or not. If you do experience any problems this is the best site to consult on such topics


I would just throw it out. Definitely don’t sell it or give it away.

If as soon as you recognized that the book was related to astrology, you stopped reading it, then I don’t think you’ve put your soul in danger.

But if you continued to read it once you realized it was occult related, then you need to take that to Confession.


Thank you all for your answers

I sprinkled holy water and put holy oil on the book, and I burned the book. I’ll confess next time I go to confession.
St. Michael pray for us.
in Christ,

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