The book of Enoch

why wasn’t the book of Enoch included in the Catholic bible? are Catholics forbidden to read this book?

There is no “forbidden” list which means you absolutely cannot read the book. The canon basically says 2 things. First, these books are free from error and thus anything and everything you read from it is accurate with our faith. Second, we can use them for Liturgical purposes. It doesn’t mean we cannot read anything else, but of course we should expect that they are not free from error and thus may lead us to the wrong path. But that applies to anything, that can happen when you read The Da Vinci Code.

Allow me the question please, if anything and everything is accurate with our faith how comes that Catholics eat bloody meat? Aren’t we supposed to eat koscher food only? :blush:
I mean I’m glad I’m a Vegetarian, but still, I would like to know if someone has an answer to this question.

It is in Acts when Peter was told in his vision he can eat the non kosher food.

Also St. Paul writes we shouldn’t fuss about the food we eat.

Also one can connect this to the issue of circumcision, where us Gentiles are not beholden to Levitical Law.

The Book of Enoch has a few problems that does not make it compatible with the Catholic bible. One reason is the dispute in the author of the text. While the author claims to be Enoch, it is highly doubtful that Enoch actually wrote the text. While this might seem like a small problem as other books in the Bible were claimed to be written by important individuals and were not, it brings in the question about whether the text was fully inspired by God.

Another reason is that the text is not fully accurate to Catholic beliefs and practices. I don’t know if you’ve read any part of it, but it basically takes Gen 6:4 and expands it to explain the Nephilim:

At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.

While there is nothing intrinsically bad in expanding this verse, it does not exactly conform to Catholic teaching or even to modern thinking. For instance, one part of it attempts to explain how humanity learned how to create weapons, start wars, make make-up, perform incantations, etc. through the nephilim and their offspring.

However, Catholics are not forbidden to read the Book of Enoch. I have actually read the complete text for one of my classes in college, Apocalyptic Literature. :smiley: It is a fascinating read and is one of the earliest Jewish apocalyptic texts.

Invalid arguement -there is debate over whether the Apostle John or another John wrote the Gospel & Revelation-also debate about Mathew and some of Paul’s epistles (I.e. Hebrews) -there are lots of Books out there , many of which ae Gnostic in nature-the Best is the Gospel of Thomas, just in my opinon-]/-]

thank you Constanine- and i should reply to some of the other comments- as to who wrote it- it’s writings date about 300 bc and no one person- not even Enoch claimed to have written it the Ethiopian church is one of two Christian based religions that have included the book of Enoch in their bible.
GEN:6:4 and the Nephilim The Book of Enoch does go more into detail as to who the Nephilim were , the Catholic bible only makes mention of them.

I think in the book of Jude there is mention of Enoch, but not much detail.

I wanted to ask before I read that book any further, I do not want to offend my Catholic brothers and sisters, thank you all for your answers

and now I guess it’s ok to read the book of Jubilees :slight_smile:

The Book of Enoch is actually mentioned several times in the Bible as well as other texts outside of the Bible meaning that it was widely read by both Jewish and early Christian writers.

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