The Book of Jashar


In the Book of Joshua, Chapter 10, Verse 13, Joshua wrote:

 Is this not recorded in the Book of Jashar?         
   What is the Book of Jashar?


Here’s a pdf file of the book:


Very interesting, thanks,
and Praise the Lord!:thumbsup:


No, thank you. I’d never read it either and when I read the introduction before sending it along, I decided to add it to my reading list. That’s what I love about CAF - I’m exposed to so much more than if I was just ‘going it alone’ in studying. :slight_smile:


Jeanne1184, Thank you for the website. The Book of Jasher has 91 chapters.


Just to clarify: that’s not the actual Book of Jasher. The “Book of Jasher” or (the “Book of the Just”) spoken of in the OT is a lost work (so lost, in fact, that people don’t know what the work actually was) - that is an example of what we would call an apocryphal work. There are actually quite a number of works peddling themselves as the real ‘book of Jasher’ out there: that is just one of them.


p. 16 of the first link has:

The Authentic Annals Of The Early Hebrews -
Is It The “Real” Book of Jasher?

I had only read the first couple of pages before sending the link, but felt the creator of the pdf was giving fair warning as well as pointing out things to look for/consider while reading. The book doesn’t start until p. 36, so either it’s an extensive snow-job or helpful commentary, eh? :slight_smile:


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