The Book "Visions of Mary?"


Anybody read it? it contains all the approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. But ther eis something in it which bothers me, on page 37, in a small bottom note, it reads: “Statue of Blessed Juan Diego wearing the tilma with the imprint of our Lady of Guadalupe. Following pages: Statues being sold at a flea market, an outdoor shrine with Our Lady of Guadalupe surrounded by lights so that she can be worshiped at night.”

“Worshiped?” WHAT?! :smiley: Do the writer’s mean to say that in Guadalupe Mary is actually being worshiped as a Goddess? Or is that just another word for veneration or honor?


well we do not worship Mary :wink:

but how old is this book?

I think in the past, the word “worship” (like the word “prayer”) didn’t mean quite what it does today…


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