THe boy only Altar server debate is over


Well, Now that we have an extraordinary missal to freely to use I guess we can put the boy only altar server to rest since the 62 missal does not allow females in the sanctuary. Any comments?


And no albs either. :slight_smile:


…do you really think this will happen …


Are you implying that this has anything to do with their use in the N.O. Mass? Or just that there won’t be any debate about using them in a TLM?


What John said…


Just one. :thumbsup:


This is where I am getting confused. Was that restriction in the old Missal or in older cannon law?

Same question. Do we have to get new altar server attire if we want to ask our priest for the Extraordinary form?


I guess I never thought about the fact that many churches don’t have cassocks and surpluses anymore. It’s in the rubrics somewhere if I’m not mistaken.


My son was freaking out when I said that now it is time for him to learn Latin, and that I was pulling training cards from the web.

On the other side, in the same day, we were having dinner with another boy that serves in the same parish. During dinner my son was proud to remark how comfortably we discuss about religion and liturgies at the dinner table, including examples of how different prayers sound different in English and Latin.

I just need a little bit more of brain washing and prayers, and by the time he will be at the right age he will consider FSSP.


Yes, you will just have to give him a big check and he will take care of the cassocks.:smiley:


:gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2:


But only during the ONE Mass where the Extraordinary Form is celebrated. At the other Masses on Sunday or Holy Days when the N.O. is required that rule does not apply.


where did you get the idea, from the text recently released, that the 1962 missal is supplanting the revised missal, GIRM etc?


You will undoubtedly see altar girls at Tridentine Masses before long, along with lay lectors, and lay Eucharistic ministers.


I am thinking you may be correct. The world changes and it will be difficult to go all the way back. Those of us who wanted the TLM may find that one can never get the genie totally back in the bottle.


I’m confused. I thought that Rome had forbidden girls to serve at TLM. Am I mistaken about this?


Each particular form has it’s own Rubrics.

The current GIRM specifically applies to the 3rd Typical Edition of the 1970 Ordo Missae.

From the Decree of Promulgation of the English translation of the 2003 GIRM

At the request of His Excellency, the Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory, Bishop of Belleville, President of the Conference of Bishops of the United States of America, in a letter of November 13, 2002, and in virtue of the faculties granted to this Congregation by the Supreme Pontiff JOHN PAUL II, we gladly confirm and approve the English translation of the Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani, excerpted from the third typical edition of the same Missal, as in the attached copy.

And from the Decree of Publication of the same

Effective immediately, this translation of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal is the sole translation of the Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani, **editio typica tertia **for use in the dioceses of the United States of America.

There has been a seperate GIRM for each other ediiton of the Ordo (the US Bishops never got around to translating the GIRM for the 2nd Typico Edition, so we were still using the 1970 GIRM up till recently :rolleyes: ) .

The 1962 Missal also has it’s own General Instructions that apply to that particular Missal. Which makes perfect sense, because the 2003 GIRM doesn’t even address most of the actions that occur in a TLM.

In addition, regardless of GIRM, a priest can never be obliged to use girls in altar service, not even by his own bishop ( the Vatican has so instructed).

And if a priest attempted to use them, the Motu Proprio addresses how issues are addressed, first to the bishop, and then an appeal may be made to Eccelsia Dei.

I imagine the same would hold true for lay readers and EMHC’s.


Perhaps… but it hasn’t been much of an issue so far. I’m pretty sure that the groups of people that are requesting these Masses are going to be the type of people to be very strict about following the rubrics themselves.


Actually, the genie has been “back in the bottle” for many years in dioceses, such as the Pittsburgh Diocese, where the indult TLM has been celebrated for many years. They follow the rubrics of the 1962 missal and they have only altar boys and ONLY the priest administers communion - and only on the tongue. :slight_smile: (sorry, those little round ‘guys’ (emoticons?) just annoy me! LOL!!)


And somehow the world doesn’t end when communion takes a little while longer since the army of ordinary, er…, extraordinary ministers aren’t there to distribute communion.

I’ve attended eastern orthodox divine liturgy where only a priest or deacon can do it. Communion takes quite a while every Sunday… My point? Extraordinary ministers (in most parishes in the US) are just an excuse to get lay people (and in particular women?) more involved in the celebration of the mass. They are not NEEDED as the TLM and eastern orthodox prove.

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