The bravest Muslim girl..

Dear friends…
In the midst of brainwashed masses, single individuals stand out as courageous
models of freedom. I admire this Yemenite girl SO much.

I am sure you will all enjoy this 9 minute vid :dancing:
Respect! Is what I feel for her…

She’s one tough little trooper. :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing, she is a brave little girl.

I scanned all over you tube but could not find part 2 and 3.

It seems to me that Christians are admiring this girl because :
1- she doesn’t wear a head scarf
2- she hangs out with boys

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with hanging out with boys and yes, we admire her for speaking up and not taking up with the “norm”.

She is an individual and she’s showing her individuality and her beautiful smile for the world to see.

Edit to add:

You know something, **there’s nothing wrong with a “head scrarf” **- but these women who put on the black burka/niquab (<-- spelling ) garment with only a slit for their eyes is pretty pathetic.

I think Mohammed’s youngest wife was the bravest Muslim girl. She had the courage to question Mohammed.

And you don’t like her because:

1- she doesn’t wear a head scarf
2- she hangs out with boys

It seems that hating comes so easy in Islam while you don’t have one clue why we don’t hate her.

What we all need to do for her is pray for her because she will be dead if she keeps it up, or beaten, or who knows what.:signofcross:

I admire her because she’s standing up for herself.

May God protect our conservative Yemenite communities from being exposed to Liberalism and Feminism

Yeah, and some sects in Islam think that she was a deceiver so they don’t trust her words at all. Ironic, it is ok for their Allah and Muhammed to deceive, but not a little girl. :shrug:

May God protect women from men who have no respect and mistreat women.
It must be hard for you to see what Jesus taught us, to love and respect each other, to live free lives, to experience as much as we can in this lifetime, as both men and women, as he taught us we are equal.
Your religion, and as your statements have revealed, woman are no better than caged animals, to be treated as cattle. Discusting!

I cant wait for this girl to find the REAL Jesus, then she will be truly set free.

I admire her for expressing herself freely. But she won’t last long in that environment. I’ll pray for her safety.

the posts of some members here proves to me why Christianity is not compatible to the conservative values in some countries of the Arabian peninsula…Christianity will not enjoy great success in these countries unless it holds firmly to their conservative traditions. Islam holds firmly to the family values and moral living.

Do you think maybe that is due to how they are treated and that we know how they are treated. And once we got the opportunity to find out why - the Quran, sharia Laws and Muhammed’s commands to kill or subjugate them could be the reason why?

It is the same reason why there has been genocide of many other groups that are no longer in existence in the Middle East (eg: Zorastrians), and the reason why the Muslims are in continual war with the Jews?

It is all in the Quran for you to not exist in harmony. It hasn’t been them, or us, who have declared wars (Jihads/fatwas) against the Muslims but they have been doing so since the 1970s. And those terrorist groups are openly funded by the Muslim Charities and Saudi billionaires.

I’m a Christian and my family is conservative considering that we live in a liberal society. Our conservatism is not forced, we freely choose to be conservatives since we value our Catholic heritage.
I agree with you that Christianity will not enjoy any success in your country, because it is not welcome there. If your country will allow freedom of religion like here in the US, I think it will survive and grow.

I feel attached to the Haredi Jewish communities and feel happy for them…I hope they grow in size and become an example to other communities…

I find similar shared values with them…in terms of traditions and values …

But the way Christian here admiring a Muslim girl in taking off the scarf and becoming a kind of libertine in rejecting the moral standards of her community…makes me suspicious of Christianity.

On the other hand , they call the other Muslim women in the video who wear a head scarf BRAINWASHED :frowning:

I sympathize with you, while I do not hold with the traditional Muslim dress as a standard, I do hold with modest dress standards which are required by Christianity, that have largely been destroyed in Western culture.

Many Western Catholics, do not hold to their religion and traditions, they live a life based largely on the corruption of culture through the media. They are truly brainwashed by their cultures, so much so they do not even understand or hold to the standards of modesty clearly witnessed to from their religion.

It is not a Christian life, however much they may call themselves this or even think it is. The modesty of Our Lady and Christ is the example for all. Our Lady’s dress is the guideline for modesty for women. Some good nuns wear dress similar to, though not quite as restrictive as Muslim dress.

Muslim traditional dress may go too far, but it is better to go too protection against sin than to go into sin. And it is hard to change a tradition into a more modest one without people going over the line into license once they are less restricted.

In these times we have to be all the more careful about boldness and audacity in freedom of dress, and in relations between men and women.

‘The Virgin Mother, all pure and all white, will make her servants pure and white.’

‘If you would keep yourself pure, shun dangerous occasions. Do not trust your own strength. In this matter we can not take too much precaution.’

St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

Fifteen Quotes on Modesty

Zoroastrians are still around.

It has nothing to do with attire and you know it. How exactly is Christianity supposed to spread there when the largest nation for instance, Saudi Arabia places severe restrictions on religious freedom and conversion is punishable by beheading? A Christian explaining Christianity to a Muslim there would be lucky if all that happened is they were expelled from the nation.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote, “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” The Mullahs on the peninsula claim that Islam is the best religion going. They should welcome religious freedom to show how confident they are of that assertion.

Me too, but I didn’t like that children brainwashing about cursing and killing Jews and Americans, however, I admire that young girl ambition to learn English and I think it would be her gate to discover YHWH’s Word.

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