"The Breach" Redux: OPUS DEI & spy Robert Hanssen

Robert Hanssen was the FBI mega-spy selling secrets to Russia. Robert Hanssen was also a “devout” Catholic and member of OPUS DEI. The DVD director’s commentary includes the actual FBI clerk emplaced to uncover this mole. So has there been any subsequent insight into the nature of Hanssen’s dual personality? Is the intense structure of the Latin Rite that demands only showing up and shutting up likely to mask sociopaths? Would greater involvement in corporal works of mercy help draw out the “warm body” Catholics into a more fervent love of Christ and His command to love one another? Dunno…

I suspect that you must have little to zero actual human contact with Opus Dei members if that is your impression.

I, on the other hand, have a large variety of friends and family that subscribe to the so-called ‘social justice’ wing of the Church who can’t be bothered to do one thing to combat the signature nightmare of our age - abortion. Based on that, I conclude that the human capacity for self delusion is extraordinary and wide-ranging to the point where only Grace can overcome it.

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