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I would like to ask, my Grandmother was not enrolled for Confraternity to wear Brown Scapular, but I wear her a Blessed Brown Scapular, I take her to the Hospital for the Ultra Sound, so I remove her Brown Scapular for a minute but after that, I totally misplaced her Brown Scapular, so I have a Brown Scapular that I wear and gave it to her. after several days, Feb 11, she experienced a Cardiac Arrest, and then I called a priest and her whole body is in comma, so the priest do the last right “extreme unction” and do a confession even though she cannot talk and then she passed away.

My question is:
Did I do the right thing before she left her poor body?

-For the past Centuries, she didn’t attend holy mass and holy day of obligation until I convince her to go to Latin Mass and Confess her whole sins.
-She did a last confession a month ago before we went to the Hospital
-she is wearing her brown scapular for almost 2 1/2 years before she die


If she started going again and went to confession, have peace.

This shows a predisposition to receive the sacraments and have repentance for her sins, which means that even though she could not speak, the last rites would likely have been efficacious.

The Brown Scapular does not guarantee salvation. The main promise associated with it is that you will not die without first having the opportunity to seek forgiveness for your sins. Your grandmother received that opportunity, even if she was in a coma for it.

I would say that you acted well here. You convinced your grandmother to return to the Church and receive the joy of Reconciliation. You sought out a priest for her and ensured that she received the Last Rites. Have peace, you have shown your grandmother the greatest possible love, and based on what you’ve told us it is likely that she is saved. She is probably in Purgatory right now, so don’t stop here. Have masses said for her, and pray for her to complete her purification and be welcomed into the Beatific vision!


Praying for your grandmother :pray: God bless you and your family


I don’t think Our Lady cared if she was enrolled or not if she intended to receive the promises and did her best to do the daily devotions associated with the brown scapular I’m sure she benefited.

She clearly did benefit as she received her last rites.

You definitely did the right thing getting her the sacraments.

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You did absolutely the right thing.

The scapular is a private devotion, so while it is preferable and more desirable, it is not absolutely necessary to be enrolled in the confraternity. And the scapular promise (“whoever dies wearing the scapular shall not suffer eternal fire”) doesn’t say one word about a confraternity.

From what you describe, it sounds like she died a holy death with the last rites of the Church. I would have every hope in the world that she is either well on her way to heaven, or most likely already there. It would be so wonderful if everyone who has to die, could die wearing the brown scapular after having received the last rites. I wear my own scapular continually, even while sleeping, and only remove it briefly for hygiene or similar reasons.

I am very sorry to know of your loss.


OP, I’m not sure what your question is. Your grandmother confessed a month ago, so whatever sins she had in the past were gone. She also received last rites. Based on those two things it sounds like she was on track to salvation when she passed away.

It doesn’t matter whether she had her own Brown Scapular or you gave her yours or gave her a new one. The blessing on her scapular would transfer to any new scapulars.

It doesn’t matter that she wasn’t enrolled in the Scapular Confraternity. The official Scapular Catechesis of the Carmelite Order says:

Is it necessary to enroll people in the Scapular Confraternity for them to share in the spiritual benefits attached to the scapular?

No, those who wear the scapular out of devotion, practice the Order’s spirituality, yet who have no formal association to the Order share in a spiritual affiliation to the Carmelite Order. It gives them the assurances of the graces pertinent to this sacramental.

Therefore your Grandmother got the benefits of the Scapular just fine without being enrolled.

Also, as someone else said, the traditional promise of the Brown Scapular is often if not usually taken to mean that the person won’t die without the Last Rites. Your grandmother did indeed receive the Last Rites before she passed away. So the scapular promise would be seen as fulfilled.

Be at peace, it sounds like you did just fine for your Grandmother, especially convincing her to go back to Mass and confess before she ended up in the hospital.


It sounds to me like you did the right thing.

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Don’t worry.

I wear my dad a brown scapular when he was in hospital, he had his baptism and last rites 2 weeks before he died. He was wearing brown scapular at the moment of his death.

I also wear my godson a brown scapular when he was in hospital, he had his baptism and last rites 1 week before he died. He is not wearing brown scapular at the moment of his death (i guess his parents helped to take off those days for convenient of his breathing)

They all had the last rites before God took their souls. Its obviously the grace and blessing of God.


You did as much as you could during her last months on this earth so have peace. Pray for her soul too.


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