The brown scapular


Is it permissable to wear the scapular on the wrist while I sleep? Is this still considered wearing the scapular? The reason why I am asking is that I am not comfortable sleeping with it around the neck.


The Blessed Mother asked that it be worn around the neck. After wearing it for a several days or a few weeks, you won’t notice it at night.


It took even less time than that for me.
I used to wear just the MM on a chain around my neck (now I wear it on the cord of the scapular) and a friend (non-Catholic) expressed worry about wearing that at night. I’ve never had any problem with them. I’ve also never heard of anyone having any problem with sleeping with them/it around the neck.


If you are worried about the length of it being so long and wrapping around your neck, by all means shorten it to the length of a necklace. I have the wooden one with a piece of brown wool on the back, then it’s coated by some type of water-proof coating. I’m allergic to wool and I break out in hives and itch.

This cord was too long and so I shortened it. Now I wear it the length of a necklace…the good thing is it’s been a great wittnessing tool. Many people have noticed it and I get to explain what it is and why I wear it.


I wear a violet scapular so I know what you are going through. It is actually larger than a wallet, but I wear it anyway. I have been teased because it is so large and noticeable. And a woman from a ministry I haven’t been to lately told me that her family members have ridiculed her too. We wear the same one. Back to your concern: I really think you should try wearing it around the neck. There must be a reason why its over the shoulder. If you think about it, the scapular image reaches both the front chest and back, and there must be a reason for it. If G-d wanted it made as a necklace it would only wrap around the neck. And if G-d wished Mary to tell her faithful servant and daughter to create a bracelet, don’t you think she’d have her make a bracelet instead? Do you see my point? There must be a reason. However I wear mine daily, if it gets uncomfortable for some reason I place it inside my pocket. Yes I know that’s not exactly correct like your bracelet question, but I do this rarely. I most always have it around the shoulders, over the neck as you say. This is my little way of showing devotion aside from prayer. And not to make light of the promises given either. But here’s a practical tip for you because I think that is also what you are asking. Why not wear a light tank top below your ordinary top? However I do not know your fashion or what not, but I have a casual or laid back style so I can easily get away with this without changing my fashion or anything. Like many young women my age who are also lean or slender, we go straight to the boys section to purchase a large or extra large packet of tank tops for boys. Larger sizes can be found in the men’s section of department stores like K-Mart, Target, etc. That way we do not spend so much money on simple tank tops! I know several women among myself who do this. If what you usually wear is a blouse, maybe you can find a nice tank top under it (hopefully not a pricy one), and then place the brown scapular over it. Also I didn’t automatically start wearing boys tank tops underneath shirts because of the scapular, I fell into it. Now unless occasion calls for it, I do not leave home or sleep without a tank top. So it grows on you. I had a male co-worker who felt the same. To be clear, when I refer to the violet scapular I mean the ‘Scapular of Benediction’ I will post of this scapular which is not very known. Hope this helps you. Your not the only one who has wrestled with this question.


Amazing that you need to shorten it - I have to lengthen every scapular by about 4" (very long torso). They’ve all been the length of a short necklace on me as they’re made.:shrug:

Again, I want to assure you, OP, that I’ve worn the scapular for a while and people I’ve known have worn them lots longer. Noone that I’ve seen or read about has ever said anything about their scapular causing any choking problems. People have worn scapulars for hundreds upon hundreds of years and there has been no mention of any of that kind of problem - if there were problems, with people being as vocal about their problems as they are, it would seem that there would have been something about it.:confused: There’s certainly been plenty about wool allergies, mold growth in tropical climates, etc. That’s why Pope Saint Pius X approved the use of the scapular medal for use “with sufficient reason.”


Thank you everyone for your replies. I really didnt know how to explain what was going on in my original post. Basically i just felt that it would ride up when Im sleeping or be jumbled up behind my neck. This is the one I wear:–UY/s400/800px-Escapulariocafe.jpg

I slept with it on last night and didnt have any problems feeling discomfort, my body has gotten use to it. Although I do take it off when I shower.


It’s a lovely one!


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You may to check out the group “Wonders of the Brown Scapular”…

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