The Brown Scapular

I recently got a Brown Scapular from my church,However my priest doesn’t know what to do or say to bless it/ me with it. I said I’d find out for him but I can’t really find anything on it. Can anyone help me?

See the bottom of this page…

Check with the It is the Vatican approved International World Apostolate of Fatima, Blue Army. or call 908-689-1700. God Bless, Memaw

The official and current Rite of enrollment is this:

From the web site:

  1. The traditional form of the Scapular must be used for the blessing and enrollment. It may then be replaced by the appropriate medal.

I hope you receive many benefits and graces from the Brown Scapular, HelpingStranger!


A word of caution about the Sisters of Carmel, they are a renegade order in Colorado Springs, CO–no approval from the Bishop, or Vatican. There used to be a letter from the Bishop of Colorado Springs on the Diocese website; asking us to pray for them to come back into communion with the Diocese and Rome. The letter didn’t make it into the Web redesign 3 years ago. I live in a neighboring Archdiocese, we’ve had no word about their status changing.

I wouldn’t take any information on their website to heart. :frowning:

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