The burden is too great


My life keeps going from bad to worse. Luckily to this point we all still have our health - thank God because we have no health insurance! As our family continues to struggle, I have asked myself how to get my daughters to resume going to Mass - both have made the choice to take a respite from the Church. Understand that I have only recently (in the last six months or so) been trying to rebuild my Catholic faith…so I am VERY immature in my practice. As I am not in full union with the Church I am unable to partake of the Eucharist.

My question is how do I convince my daughters to attend Mass when they see what a challenge my life has become? It seems when I attend Mass, I find a small semblance of peace, but as soon as I walk out the doors of the Church I feel the weight of the world double strength on my shoulders…my daughters see this, how can you witness to others the benefit of your faith, when you really don’t see any benefit? My husband and I try to live the faith as much as we can (charity to others, attending Mass, etc) but all we seem to get for it is another kick in the teeth.

Enough with my ranting, I’m just an ungrateful sinner :shrug: For all of you who have bogged through this miserable account, may God bless you and grant your intentions according to His will. Peace be with you all.


Prayer is the best way you can reach them. Something I learned recently, a hard lesson but a necessary one, is that I’m not spiritually responsible for anyone but myself. My family is not Catholic either. What I have to do is commit them into God’s hands. I know that their lives are their own and I can’t live them for them, though I can try to influence them in favor of the truth whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Praying is the best way to help them.

Aside from praying, I recommend focusing on learning as much as you can about your faith yourself. Then you’ll have the answers and knowledge to fill in their ignorance if ever they ask you about your spiritual life.

But know that you aren’t responsible for them and cannot bring them home through your own strength. God has to do that through His, and you can help that by prayers and simply being gracious and loving toward everyone you want to help.


My prayers are with you and your family. It is never pleasant to to undergo trials. If the girls are old enough, you may not be able to influence them outside of prayer and fasting. I would caution speaking to much about the topic if they are adamant in their refusal to attend Mass. This issue is probobly water under the bridge as far as persuasion goes.


I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. :hug1:

You know, suffering is a difficult thing. There can be redemption in suffering, though it’s very hard to see that and accept it when we’re in the midst of hardship. I’d urge you though, as best as you can, to try to offer your sufferings for the spiritual benefit of your daughters. When I was pregnant with my son and working at a job I hated and crying each morning as I left my daughter at daycare, I was at a breaking point. Since I couldn’t change my situation at that time, I tried to remember that there are so many people who suffer with infertility and so I tried to be thankful that at least I have children, and I offered up that sadness of not being able to be with my little girl all day. I don’t know if any of the people I was thinking of were helped at all, but I trust that God was with them.

Tell God that you’ll accept (fill in a suffering) and offer it up for your daughters sakes. When we unite our suffering with Christ’s suffering on the cross, our souls benefit greatly. Again, it’s really, really hard sometimes, but just try your best.

Pray for the intercession of St. Monica and St. Augustine.

Also, there is a woman named Elisabeth Leseur who is being considered for sainthood. Her case is open, though I’m not sure what her official status is at this point. Anyway, she was a very devout, faithful Catholic who suffered greatly during her life (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). She was married to an atheist who mocked her faith endlessly, yet she kindly and sweetly bore it and never stopped praying for him. She died in her 40s and her husband Felix found her journals after that. After reading of her great love for him and her prayers for his conversion, it was all so powerful that he became a Catholic priest. Actually, I think a case for sainthood may have been started for him as well.

Anyway, keep praying, ask Elisabeth and Felix for their intercession too.

Never stop praying for your loved ones, and remember that a lack of suffering or lack of difficulties in your life is not the way to measure the benefits of being Catholic. In fact, many would probably agree that the more difficulties you’re having, the more you’re doing right (faith-wise). :wink:

Praying for you and your family right now. :hug1: :crossrc:


i too, often, feel the burden is too great!

i have been a horrible example for my family, ending up in prison and am now unemployed. My shame is often an unbearable burden, i cry and groan in agony every night and i can only hope that i will someday answer the call “Duc in Altum” ( “Set out into the deep” Lk 5:4).
ray for your children as St. Monica did for 30 years, resulting in St. Augustine’s conversion and his ending up as a bishop and a Father of the Church!**

Sancta Maria, mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!



To the original poster and all who feel burdened because of past mistakes…

When you are repentant and sorry and receive the Sacraments (and you all sound like you are sorry!) then there is nothing to fear. Stop dwelling on the past and live in the “now” in God’s love.

With prayer we can maintain the peace we need to live our lives with faith and trust in God. He takes us one baby step at a time.

When our children and others see us reflecting His Peace then they will want it to. We cannot give what we don’t have…but we can get it!

Remember…the majority of the saints were great sinners before their conversion. Only some of them were close to the Lord all their lives.


Hello, see if you can get medicaid or I know New York has a program called Healthy NY, which I had before I got a job with benefits…When life gets rough, the worst thing you can do is miss Mass…I know b/c I’ve taken breaks from Mass and always fell into sin and made more problems in life…going to Mass, keeps me realizing just how lucky I am…eventhough, we have no money…I have a great family and good health…good health is so important…I’m not downplaying your problems, but just so you don’t go crazy from stress, try to think about the good things in your life everyday…you said your healthy, that’s a start…God bless you:)


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