The burden of proof is ALWAYS on the protestants not matter what the issue is!


Its is my opinion that the burden of proof on any issue that divides catholic and protestants, is always on the protestant apologists. The way I see it, Protestants were the ones who broke from Rome, so they are the ones who need to prove the catholic church wrong on the papacy, the eucharist, faith and works, marian doctines, scripture and tradition ect.

So from now on anytime a protestant says,
“prove that (insert catholic doctrine here) is true”

I might respond with. “No, you protestants broke away from us. You guys made the claim that the church was in error, The burden of proof is on you to prove that the chruch was in error on (insert catholic teaching here)!”

It would be interesting to see this used in a catholic/protestant debate. Yes I know that it probally wouldn’t work but its something to think about.


Good luck with that approach-have you considered I Peter 3:15 in developing this?

but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope,

That’s what apologetics is, giving an answer (apologia) for what you believe, in order to correct misunderstandings and possibly convince the other person.


Usually the party making an assertion bears the burden of proof. By that standard, we Catholics bear the burden of proof with regard to affirmative statements, such as “Mary was conceived without original sin,” or “Mary was ever-virgin,” because we’re the ones making an assertion, not our Protestant friends. But when they’re the ones making an affirmative statement, such as “the Bible is the sole rule of faith,” or “salvation is by faith alone,” then they’re the ones who must bear the burden of proof.




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