The Burkini

I saw a video on Reuters about Muslim swimwear called the Burkini.

It was interesting. I have to admit it is admirable that Muslim women are trying to find ways to stay both active and modest.

The above is a link to the store that sells the Burkini not the Reuters report.

Wow interesting. I do think it is admirable that Muslim women are trying to find a way to do the ‘normal’ things in life whilst keeping their ideals of modesty intact.

I just wish the burden of modesty wasn’t rested exclusively on the shoulders of Muslim women but that Muslim men were also expected to be part of the equation.

Having said that, can you imagine what kind of looks an American woman would get if she walked onto the beach in one of those???:eek: People would be aghast. I actually wouldn’t mind this being more like the norm of dress here…I mean I’ve had 3 kids and prancing around on the beach or pool in a bathing suit doesn’t exactly do much for my self esteem:o Actually it’s a huge cause of anxiety for me as my kids all LOVE to swim, so it’s something we do often. I’d love to be able to comfortably lounge and take a dip in something like this.

I saw a story about it on, I think, CNN, last night.

I think it’s a good idea. All women could learn something from this sense of modesty among muslim women.

I thought that the creator of the thing, an Austrailian muslim woman, came across very well in the story, making a case for the suit that had a practical aspect (solar protection) as well as enabling modest women to enjoy the beach without having to be virtually naked while doing it. It reminded me of old photos of beachgoers from around 100 years ago, when men and women both wore nearly complete covering while swimming.

and then you have the Christian modest swimwear…

For some reason the Christian swim wear just seems ugly and impractical to me.

Looks too baggy to me. The burkini was much tighter, form-fitted, with pants and not a dress design. I would think that the tighter fitting the better when it comes to actual swimming. Of course, neither is likely to be adopted by competition swimmers. I think we’re just talking about lolling about in the shallow water, and sitting in the sand all day.

IMHO they **both **look ugly and imparctical
I do so much prefer something like this…

I like the Burkini. I must confess to having spent a year in Bahrain and got very used to dressing modestly.

The land’s end one is certainly nice (to my American eyes;) ), but still shows a LOT of skin…and a lot of cleveage:o

It certainly is a far cry from what most women are wearing on the beach these days though…:eek:

I don’t the makers of either the Muslim or ‘Christian’ ‘modesty’ suits would think it even comes remotely close to their ideals.

The burkini actually very closely resembles what is worn in competitive speed skating…which is kinda ironic:confused:

well I do enjoy a bit of sun on my skin thanks:D

true most of them are just about naked…:eek:

nope but then their ideals are a bit “outta here” if you ask me:D

Without the headgear, I thought the “Burkini” looked a bit like those 1920s suits, which I think are rather cute.

The “Christian” one is awful. Looks kind of like a McDonald’s or Burger King uniform.

Look at these “hip” suits…

Did you know that string bikinis may lead to accidental drowning?

I remember swimming near a diving board once with a mask & snorkel, when a bikini-clad sweet young thing dove off the board then quickly figured out she’d better stay waaaay underwater quite a while longer than she’d imagined.

When she finally came to the surface she gasped for air and looked around in relief. Then she saw me with the swim mask. Horrors. :eek:

(For the record, I’m female, and didn’t give a darn what she looked like without her bikini.)

Can’t happen with one of these suits.

I don’t know how to insert pics but I like the suits on this website. They are modest and intended for water activity - which would be hard in those dress type suits. The company seems to be motivated more by practicality than religion.

I like those little girl suits too!! :thumbsup:

Not bad, but I would like just a little less cleavage.

It seems that some savvy capitalist could make a lot of money by designing a nice, modest, practical swim suit.

I like the swim suits from the website. They seem practical.

Although the little girl swimsuits are cute, I would be afraid that the skirt like top might make swimming difficult. My daughters like to dunk their whole bodies underwater and such a long top would drag them down a bit. It would be hard to move your feet when you swim, also.

Is that a dress or swimwear? It’s hard to tell.

I don’t know how anyone could swim in this particular outfit. WHen I would take my daughters to the YMCA pool, I would let one hold my shoulders while I swam. My daughers would move their feet with me. I don’t think that I could do that in the “Christian” outfit.

well I do enjoy a bit of sun on my skin thanks

LOL I agree. I even let my self TAN (oh the horror!!!) just a little bit. I think it looks nice in the summer. (yes I know I’ll be wrinkled when I’m 60 I’ll deal with that when it comes:p )

true most of them are just about naked…


nope but then their ideals are a bit “outta here” if you ask me

I certainly agree. I think true modesty comes from a real true appreciation of beauty; the beauty inherent in ALL women and what being a woman means. Being truly modest has come from more than just fear of causing scandal.

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