The Cabin in the Woods SPOILER ALERT

Just watched “The Cabin in the Woods.” There is a SPOILER ALERT “pit of Hell” opening up ending, and I’m going to give it a moment of reflection on that prophesied time when Abydon opens up and we, or future humans, will have to chose. This couple chose life. Dunno what, if any, further point there is other than to suggest it is, ultimately, a stoner flick with a puffing punchline. Any thoughts?

I thought you were referring to a Laura Ingells Wilder book I read as a child…boy was I wrong!:eek:

On this, the 95th anniversary of the October 13th apparition of Our Lady of the Rosary and her Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal, I beg all the Holy Angels and saints above and below to mightily petition God on behalf of all souls to preserve us from Hell. And “Cabin in the Woods” has one redemptive message if none other. Hell is hellish.

The three secrets of Fatima involved: a vision of Hell which the three little seers said was so frightening–people tumbling in a glowing inferno of bronze flames bedeviled by demons–it would have killed them had not Our Lady promised they would got to Heaven; Russia spreading her errors leading to the annihilation of nations without the episcopal consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart and her promised conversion to lead to a period of peace; and the so-called Third Secret, our Holy Father and other religious persecuted and slain. Our Lady repeatedly counseled us to “Pray the dailiy Rosary for peace.” October is the month dedicated to the Rosary, and 2012 marks the beginning of the Year of Faith.

Lord make us turn to You and lovingly “hear and obey.” Thanks. AMEN

I thought it was a perfect – if not extreme – example of how the ends don’t justify the means.

I thought it was hilarious! It’s just a parody of horror films, nothing more nothing less but a damn good one. 7.5/10.

So I really think that we, as Catholics, can really use this as a means to illustrate the culture of death for it’s wickedness. If you’re unsure of what I mean by this consider the scene where Dana (Kristen Connolly) is being beat up on the pier by the undead-zombie-Buckner-dude. Though her abuse is happening on screen, the workers of the underground-ritual-liar feel completely comfortable getting drunk and listening to BTO. Also consider the scene when Hadley (Bradley Whitford) begins to share his thoughts on Dana and how he almost feels sorry for her, that is until “Tequila! Tequila is my lady!”. In the face of great evil, without a loving God, there is no need for us to step out in charity because it has no material gain for ourselves.

That is essentially what this film is about, even if it’s a meaning being imposed upon it, that without Christ we are left to placate to our demons and nightmares without any hope, certainly not the cross.

It should be noted that this film has naughty bits that perhaps should be fast-forwarded though. It’s an imperfect film, but poignant.

I thought it was a funny movie. I dont know about any deeper meanings.

Is this the movie where some secret society has to make blood offerings to HUGE sleeping ‘gods’ beneath the earth, where the victims can choose the type of monster that kills them, by what particular object they pick up in the cabins basement?

If so, I saw this movie about a year ago, it was pretty good, not at all what I expected, had some funny parts, I thought the talk about the merman was funny, and the programmer ended up being killed by the merman!!

I cant really remember the end, Im thinking it ended with not enough blood being sacrificed and these HUGE firey gods rose up, who were like 2000ft tall…same movie??

That’s it.

I’m a big horror fan and was amazed at all the little touches the filmmakers put in this film.

As far as the symbolism, interesting point. Horror films brought me to Catholicism. That’s a story for another day. :wink:

I liked it enough. You can say it’s nihilist since SPOILERS the two would-be-saviors let earth be destroyed. If you’re aware of one of the screenwriters, Joss Whedon, this isn’t too much of a surprise or shock – the man’s an atheist.

Yes, but you could argue the last 2 people restrained from killing each other due to love ( I cant remember exactly but I believe the last 2 people were the stoner kid and a female), I know its a stretch, but how would their lives had been if one of them had murdered the other, solely to appease some blood thirsty ancient ‘god’?

Thats interesting that horror flicks brought you to the church! When I was younger, I used to love zombie movies, specifically the Return of the Living Dead movies, 1st one was GREAT, plenty scary (some of the scenes gave me nightmares),( that scene where they slowly move thru a dark cemetery on a rainy night gives me chills to even think about)…with a hint of comedy, the 2nd went way off course, as it was imo a comedy spoof (the michael jackson zombie!), the 3rd one kind of went back to the original, again, there were some parts that were truly frightening, not alot of comedy, but they increased the gore. they even made a 4th and 5th version, but after watching a few minutes of the 4th, I realized they were grasping at straws.

Now that Im older, I cant watch those movies anymore, I cant stand the gore anymore, I even had to look away during that comedy/horror flick ‘Shaun of the dead’, that part where the nerdy, uppity guy goes thru the window into the crowd of zombies to be literally ripped apart and eaten. I know its all fake, hollywood magic, but I still cannot watch something like that nowadays.

Not a stretch. They didn’t want to kill each other because they thought it was mad. It tried to be noble in that regard, but in the end it’s rather selfish because by “saving” the would be victim both of them nailed the coffin doors of everyone on earth. So the “done out of love” is a total cop out to gain any respect and dignity. It turned around the “kill one to save a hundred” to “save a one, for the mean time, and kill a hundred.” I’m not sure how you can interpret it into anything other than nihilistic and selfish.

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