The call to become Catholic

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In the last couple years I have felt a strong desire and calling to become Catholic; I was raised in a protestant home and have been active in my faith. However due to other family members, who are Catholic, I have started seeing the irrefutable facts and truth of the Catholic church. I am married and my wife is convinced that Catholicism is like being Buddhist, in her mind at least. I started going to mass on a regular basis for a while but it seemed to cause a lot of stress in our relationship because my wife feels like she’s loosing me or that I’m throwing away my Christian views. She doesn’t understand Catholic views and she doesn’t really try to listen. My question is how do I navigate these turbulent Waters? We have our first baby on the way and is due in March. I really want to get into rcia next fall but I don’t know what to do or how to navigate it. She’s concerned that’s our children will not have proper religious upbringing that it will be uneven or fractured because we wouldn’t agree on everything if I do become Catholic. What do I do?

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Catholics worship Trinity God and honor Mother Mary who was conceived by the Holy spirit and raised baby Jesus and was the caller and the founder of the first Christian church after the Crucifixion.

God chose Holy Mother Mary to defeat Satan. Saint Joseph was quietly divorced after the marriage since long before he devoted to God to wait for for the coming of Messiah.

Genesis 3:15

I will put enmity between you [Satan] and the woman [Mother Mary] , and between your offspring and hers; he will strike your head, and you will strike his heel.[Jesus]”

Pray Mother Mary of White Lily and wait for your wife to convert.

"Hail white lily of the ever peaceful and glorious Trinity!
Hail, effulgent rose, the delight of Heaven,
Of whom the King of Heaven was born and by whose milk He was nourished! Nourish our souls by the effusions of thy Divine influences."

I greet thee, Mary, Daughter of God the Father.

I greet thee, Mary, Mother of the Son of God.

I greet thee, Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit.

I greet thee, Mary, Temple of the Blessed Trinity.

I greet thee, Mary, White Lily of the resplendent Trinity.

I greet thee, Mary, Fragrant Rose of the heavenly court.

I greet thee, Mary,Virgin full of meekness and humility, of whom the King of Heaven willed to be born and nourished by thy milk.

I greet thee, Mary, Virgin of virgins.

I greet thee, Mary, Queen of martyrs, whose soul was pierced by the sword of sorrows.

I greet thee, Mary, Lady and Mistress, to whom all power has been given in Heaven and on earth.

I greet thee, Mary, Queen of my heart, my sweetness, my life and all my hope.

I greet thee, Mary, Mother most amiable.

I greet thee, Mary, Mother most admirable.

I greet thee, Mary, Mother of beautiful love.

I greet thee, Mary, Conceived without sin.

I greet thee, Mary, Full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women,
and blessed be the Fruit of thy womb.

Blessed be thy spouse, Saint Joseph.

Blessed be thy father, Saint Joachim.

Blessed be thy mother, Saint Anne.

Blessed be thy angel, Saint Gabriel.

Blessed be the Eternal Father, Who has chosen thee.

Blessed be thy Son, Who has loved thee.

Blessed be the Holy Ghost, Who has espoused thee.

May all those who love thee bless thee.

O Blessed Virgin, bless us all in the name of thy dear Son.


Have you contacted a priest to discuss this situation with him? I’m sure it’s fairly common, and he may be able to give you advice, or if he thinks it wise he might offer to speak with you and your wife together.

Your wife is likely already under a lot of stress and worry due to the baby on the way, so your potential Catholicism is just one more scary unknown for her to deal with on top of existing stress.


You mean, something other than Christian?

Can you give an example of something “Catholic” that is not “Christian”?

God knew all this before He called you, which means He already has a plan in mind. Yours is to answer the call, and be faithful. Everything else will fall into place.

There are things you can do to study the faith before RCIA. This website is a great resource, and there are some excellent YouTube videos. Start reading the catechism, if you have not already. Just pray, and don’t be pushy.

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Try reading “Rome Sweet Home” by Scott Hahn. It’s his and his wife’s story about converting to Catholicism from a strong Protestant background. He was even a preacher


Yes, she believes that Catholics aren’t Christians just because of her upbringing and really won’t entertain or try to see that it’s really the mother church of all Christian churches.

Funny you say that, I’m currently reading it right now.

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After you finish that, try “Why We’re Catholic” by Trent Horn. He does an amazing job of discussing some of the big aspects of Catholicism

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Search on “RCIA” on YouTube. There are many classes uploaded for you to view.

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I have met people that believe this. It seems to me that living your faith before them is more convincing that any “apologetics”.

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