The calling is a passing fancy

In the church bulletin it was declared:
By not focusing on the call of God, do you feel as though you are going the wrong way? Come to Him in discernment and prayer to His call.

Is it possible that a young man may believe that he has a calling to the priesthood, but some of the friends he has remark, “Your calling is just a passing fancy.”?

Yes, it’s certainly possible. And given the context, it could be true, or it could not be true. Someone could just be passingly interested in the priesthood, and then circumstances change or (hopefully) they discern that interest further, and find that God is calling them to something else. Or else that comment could be made without any real knowledge of the person, perhaps flippantly or maliciously, when it’s not a mere passing interest, but a real calling. In any event, the input of those close to someone discerning can be helpful, but it is not determining. And in either case, discernment is necessary.


A person can believe that they are being called to the priesthood but one of the signs of a genuine calling is a degree of permanence - in other words, the calling keeps coming back (if it even goes away at all) and lasts for more than just a short period of time.

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