The Cancel Counter: Thousands Sign Petition to Remove Walt Whitman Statue from Rutgers

List of nearly 100 items cancelled, temporarily or permanently, excerpt:

The Cancel Counter: Thousands Sign Petition to Remove Walt Whitman Statue from Rutgers

By Zachary Evans

& John Loftus June 19, 2020 3:38 PM

91. Early Friday morning, Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered to temporarily remove the Christopher Columbus statues from Chicago’s Grant and Arrigo parks, despite pushback from Italian American leadership in the city and a lack of community deliberation and debate.

87. At Rutgers University-Camden, a petition recently surfaced to remove a statue of American poet and “Bard of Democracy” Walt Whitman. The genius behind “Leaves of Grass,” Whitman also held racist views about African Americans.

So far, over 3,700 people signed the petition, which states “Rutgers-Camden has been making efforts recently to remove symbols around our campus which continue to perpetuate a racist past.

“The statue of Walt Whitman glorifies a man who we should not hold such a place of honor on our campus.”

List is being actively updated.

Statues of Walt Whitman do not “ continue to perpetuate a racist past.”. At some point the grown ups are going to have to say “no”.


The protests out there are not peaceful, they are riots. I heard some NJ representative say this.

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We need to tear down Muhammad Ali’s statue.
He was a draft dodger.

We need to destroy all the Aztec and Mayan pyramids. They were child sacrificer’s.

We need to tear down Daniel Boone’s statue. He “killed a bar”(bear)


A decision which I applaud, he had a firm conviction as the evil of that particular war and stuck to it. I am not quite sure why Whitman arouse such ire. I would doubt his poetry is on the best-sellers list anymore and besides a few pieces which remained popular most people would I imagine have read little of his work.

81. In Denver, Colo., the owner of Kindness Yoga Patrick Harrington was pressured to close down 9 of his studios after several black and transgender yoga teachers complained that he had committed the irredeemable sins of “performative activism” and the “tokenization of Black and brown bodies.

As it is becoming rapidly impossible for old-school liberals or socialists like myself outside the American open air asylum to keep up with the jargon can someone inform me what ‘performative activism’ is?

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They “Kindness Yoga” is doing the activism because it gives the company recognition which could lead to more customers which would lead to more money for the company. They aren’t being activists because they are devoted to the cause.

We need to tear down Muhammad Ali’s statue.
He was a draft dodger.

This was a good thing if anything. However he was a member of the Nation of Islam and opposed interracial relationships on the basis of black nationalism.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wasn’t Walt Whitman gay? What does the LGBT community have to say about this? This is crazy.


Whoa. Davy Crockett was only three when he killed a bar. Come on now.


I was being facetious. I love the guy. He was a treat to watch box. He was an entertainer too. He had the habit of nicknaming his opponents and my favorite was Ernie Shavers who The Champ called “The Acorn”. Iirc, they became friends after the fight.

Fond memories of the guy. I lost interest in boxing after he retired.

There’s this:

I learned of slacktivism there.

What a wonderful world.

We in America cannot keep up with the jargon. It has been chaging daily for some time. The owner owned this business for 19 years but he was white and that was the major problem. His business was based on donations which is interesting. One employee just wanted him to regroup, which was foolish to publicly denounce him.

Patrick Harrington’s 19-year-old business came to a crashing end in the space of a few days earlier this month after two employees turned the mob on Kindness Yoga Studios with a couple of Instagram posts. A black former employee, Davida Taylor, took to Instagram to say that the studio’s “performative activism ” was making it “unsafe” for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students and teachers.

Around the same time another former employee, an indigenous trans man named Jordan Smiley, also decided it was a good time to go after “his” workplace. Smiley accused white-owned yoga studios of having “distorted yoga into foremost a physical practice, instead of a mental one, and have instituted a preference for a certain body type, color of skin, ableism and athleticism.”

The two disgruntled employees each opened their own yogo studios which I think it telling.

Interestingly both Taylor and Smiley are now opening their own yoga studios… funny old world, isn’t it?

The most tragic thing of all? Harrington can’t even bring himself to call out these baseless and mendacious accusations for what they are. Despite being upset, he acknowledges that “my privilege could have me blind to [their grievances]. I’m trying to learn.”

Even Larry Elder was saying the other night, the NFL is what about?? 65% or so African American, African Americans are 13% of the population. Maybe the NFL needs to become more like America, affirmative action and so on for other groups.

Apparently, the BLM movement has run amok, as movements such as this often do. They may singlehandedly be responsible for the reelection of Trump, having given him an issue on a silver platter. I am not opposed to the movement or peaceful protesters per se, as this is the essence of our democracy. However, I am against its irrational excesses, such as this, as well as the violent behavior of some.


Where will the crazyness stop? Why do we keep the names New York and New Jersey? They are named after places in England, with whom we fought two wars. Sure, we were allies in two more wars, buy why honor a country with whom we have a score of only 50/50? Only the perfect is acceptable.

Agreed. It will be tough to dislodge a sitting president who is making law and order arguments in the face of vandalism of public property, arson in some cities, and violence. At this rate, I am wondering if some of these groups are likely to be listed as terrorist organizations or risk being investigated/prosecuted under RICO down the line?

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Ah thank you doctoral supervisor. I could have googled it and guessed it would be some ludicrousness of this kind but it is becoming increasingly surreal and hurts my brain to read this idiocy for more than a small length of time at rationed intervals. I can feel my braincells retreating inside my head and whimpering as I peruse such stuff.

What a wonderful world.

One can imagine the remastered version of that song might need some changes to fit in with today’s world.

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