The Captives' Hymm


Here is a short prayer cited in Max Hastings’ Retribution: The Battle for Japan 1944-1945.(2007) Hastings is among the top military historians writing today. He mentions (pages 359- 360) that one of the prisoners of the Japanese, Margaret Dryburgh, cherished this prayer.

Give us patience to endure
Keep our hearts serene and pure,
Grant us courage, charity,
Greater faith, humility,
Readiness to own Thy will,
Be we free or captive still.

“On April 21,1945, less than four months before the war ended, Margaret Dryburgh lay on her sick bed trying to say her favorite Twenty-third Psalm. A friend understood what she wanted, and stumbled through the words on her behalf. When it was over and a silence fell, the old woman smiled and said simply, “That’s what I wanted,” and died.”
(page 360).

IMHO, this says it all.

By the way, this book is an excellent account of the waning years of the Pacific War of WWII.

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