The Cardinal and my dad's resume


Tonight I am attending an annual Mass held for college students with the local Cardinal. After the Mass there will be a reception where we will be able to briefly meet with the Cardinal himself.

Now several years ago my dad attempted to apply for a job with the Archdiocese (he’s been unemployed several years and struggling to find ANY work whatsoever), and I think the Cardinal was somehow involved in the process. There was a glimmer of hope that my dad would be hired, but eventually things simply fell through.

Now my dad wants me to bring a copy of his resume to give to the Cardinal tonight, but I’m wary about doing so since I don’t feel it’s appropriate (given the nature of this event). I don’t really like the idea.

What should I do? Also, please pray for my dad that he can find employment.

Pax Tecum.


I advise asking your priest or spiritual director in a circumstance such as this. :frowning: My priest has given me excellent family advice. They see many many people with all kinds of problems so have the gift of immense exposure in addition to being the representatives of Christ on Earth! :thumbsup:


If you have a chance to speak to the Cardinal, perhaps you could mention your Dad’s problem and ask if there is any way he can help.


Sorry to hear about your Dad. He’ll be in my prayers. While I am sure you want to help your Dad, I don’t think this is the right time to be handing out his resume for him either. I am sure many people will be wanting the Cardinals time and I don’t think you’ll be doing your Dad any favours by handing out his resume at that time. Maybe you help your Dad by emailing it to the Cardinal? That way you could explain that you met him after this mass and how your Dad applied for a job with the Archdiocese years ago etc. I am sure your Dad means well but I feel he is putting you in an unfair position by asking you to do this. Good luck.


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