The Cardinal book/movie

I’ve met a lot of Catholics that have never seen this jem of a movie. It’s called The Cardinal. If I’m not mistaken it was made in the 60’s. It’s a really awsome Catholic movie (very inspiring). It’s based on the book of the same name by Henry Morton Robinson. I’m reading the book right now, which is really really good.
The movie is probably one, if not my alltime favorite movie.
Anyone else seen the movie or read the book? Thoughts?

I have both, and read or watch them from time to time.

Yes, they are very good and inspiring.

There’s also Rumer Godden’s IN THIS HOUSE OF BREDE, which was made into a TV movie.

It’s an Otto Preminger movie, so yes, I LOVE that movie and wish more people had heard of it. It absolutely is a gem of a movie. A lot of people will compare it (favorably or unfavorably) to “Shoes of The Fisherman,” though I think “The Cardinal” feels more timeless and a lot less ‘dated’ in 2009. Did you know that the Vatican helped finance “The Cardinal” - and, specifically, one of the producers was some guy named Joseph Ratzinger? (I wonder whatever happened to that guy? :cool: )

Seriously!? Thats so awsome!

We rented The Cardinal from Netflix a few months ago, and both my husband and I enjoyed it a lot. Well worth seeing.

Beautiful theme music, too. Frank Sinatra did a cover of the theme (with vocals, obviously!) that is very pretty. The movie theme music is only instrumental.

I saw The Cardinal probably 25 years ago
and read the book afterwards. Both were interesting, but the parts
that took place in the U.S. had very little relevance to Catholicism
where I lived, which was in the single-digit percentage (Catholics
compared to the total population) South.

I was very surprised when I found years later, while reading about
the history of the Papacy, that many of the people Robinson
wrote about in the Vatican/Italy scenes really lived.

btw, Henry Morton Robinson wrote at least books about following
the travels of Jesus and St. Paul, both in the 1930s, I think. The
one about St. Paul (In the Steps of St. Paul) shows up
in print, often in the Travel section of large bookstores, about
every ten years.


Is that the one that starred Tom Tryon in the title role? I’ve never seen it myself, but I’ve heard about it. I think Tryon left acting and became a writer-he died not too long ago.

One of the producers was JOSEPH RATZINGER? No way!!! :cool: Makes one want to go and rent the movie…

My mother adores that book, loves to re-read it. Frequently quotes the gruff priest, “Green in any denomination is a color most pleasing to the Lord”. . . but of course we all adored Father Ned Haley, that sainted man. . .

Yes, Cardinal Merry Del Val for example really lived. . .

I’ve read the book (which is awesome), but have yet to see the movie. :: Goes to NetFlix, sees if she can download it…::

The movie is really awsome. I do so far like the book better, but only because there is more detail. The movie though is really well done, and so moving.

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