The Case for Jesus


Was wondering if anyone read this book … it purports to prove that the scriptures are accurate.

The Case for Jesus: The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ

by Brant Pitre


Edit: got confused, thought it was the other book. Silly me


Here’s the link on amazon if anyone wants to look at it …


I haven’t read it, but I have listened to some classes of Dr. Pitre’s that seemingly used this book for its main text.

The talks are absolutely excellent, and I’m sure the book is as well. I love Dr. Pitre’s work.


Thanks so much for letting me know … I’m always careful when I buy a book if it will interfere with my Catholic beliefs.


Dr. Pitre is extremely solid in his Catholic faith and this book certainly will go out of its way to defend the historical Christian view of Jesus and the reliability of the Gospels.


I have the book but have not started reading it yet. I took his lecture “the Case for Jesus” at the Steubenville Conference on Applied Biblical Studies this past July. It was based on the book and is an excellent resource for refuting those run-amuk historical/critical Biblical interpretations one constantly is seeing these days. Right now I am reading his book “Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist: Unlocking the Secrets of the Last Supper” which I can also recommend. :slight_smile:


Thank you.


Have not read this book, The Case for Jesus, though I will add it to my list due to the recommendations posted here.

Was wondering if anyone had read *The Case for Christ *by Lee Strobel? He’s not Catholic but presents the historical evidence available for Christ’s life. I’m not seeing any glaring errors re: doctrine etc.

I mentioned it at Bible Study and when the presenter heard it was by a non-Catholic author, I got a ‘look’ and the other students immediately discounted the book.

So, was curious if anyone else has read it.

I’ve seen that people on this site feel his other works need to be read with caution since he is using Protestant theologians and theology in their writing. This one appears to be looking more at historical and verifiable sources. (Wasn’t planning on reading the others. This came up in the course of reading other books.)


I have read The Case For Jesus and it is really good, the sort of book to base a basics of apologetics course on as it has responses to the most common objections to the faith laid out in a way that flows from one to another very well. Definately worth a read.


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