The Catholic Answer?

I got a letter in the mail today asking if I would like to subscribe to a magazine called “The Catholic Answer”. Their website is Does anyone know about this magazine? Is it a legit Catholic resource or one of those periodicals that is “Catholic in name only?”

At a library sale a few years ago I picked up The Catholic Answer Book of Mary (iirc) thinking it was from Catholic Answers – it was quite good.

PS – you can check out the answers they give here.

It is as legit as any publication from OSV is, as I recall.

I allowed my subscription to lapse, however, when OSV took it over from Fr Peter Stravinskas, and it became a little less meaty and a little fluffier than it had been under his pen. I hear he has a new publication now, but I have not had the spare funds to pick up a subscription.


Last time I checked it out, Paul Thigpen had taken over the editorial reins from Fr. Peter Stravinskas. But that was a couple years ago…

Yes, I subscribe to The Catholic Answer and it is a solid orthodox Catholic publication, as far as I’ve seen. They quote official church documents and legitimate sources. It is edited by Paul Thigpen, a convert to Catholicism who I’ve heard as a guest on Catholic Answers radio program in the past. So, I believe I can safely recommend this magazine.

I like the Catholic Answer magazine. It’s put out by Our Sunday Visitor publications. I did like it better when it was done by Fr. Peter Stravinskas. It seemed more focused; but that’s because it was pretty much a one man publication then. It’s still a good magazine and has a variety of contributors.

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