The Catholic Card Game Kickstarter


Hello, friends!

I saw this Kickstarter campaign for a Catholic Card Game in Apples to Apples/Cards Against Humanity style. Pretty great :joy:

These example cards got me :sweat_smile:


Anyway, thought I would share with you all! Have a great day :slight_smile:


So a Catholic version of Cards Against Humanity?

Very interesting! :smiley:


Yes, saw this on Pints with Aquinas feed. Seems they made something like 80% of their goal in 10 days.
I’d buy a few.


I hope they do topical expansion packs like Cards Against Humanity! They could have a “Liturgy Wars” edition, “The Pope Said WHAT!?” edition, the “What You Think You Know You Don’t Actually Know. 10 Things to Know and Share!” edition, and my personal favorite “Rubricae: Wherein a Fickle Father Rants” edition.


The expansion pack comes with THREE decks: the Catching Foxes deck, the Tomics deck, and the Pints With Aquinas deck. They also have a stretch goal: If we reach it, we will create an expansion deck with Fr. Mike Schmitz!


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