"The Catholic Case Against Same-Sex Marriages"



In case anyone missed it, I’d like to share an article with you by Dr. Mark Lowery on the Catholic case against same sex marriages:


Dr. Lowery lays out a line of argument on the basis of reason alone. This could be very important if you have secular friends or neighbors who favor or are open to the idea of same sex marriages, and who would give no weight to arguments that appeal to religious faith and morals.

The argument can be buttressed with the following:



The Slate article above is rebutted by the following:


Hope this is helpful!


I’d like to bolster the Catholic arguments against Same-Sex Marriage by referring to a new article just posted on the Catholic Evidence Guild of Guam’s website. The article is called "Why Not Gay Marriage?", (cegguam.org/morality/WhyNotGayMarriage.htm) and is written by Fr. Francis Walsh, a professor of moral theology at the Redemptoris Mater seminary here in Guam.

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