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Tomorrow Dec 4 2006 starts the new programming on The Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 159, right next door to EWTN Global Catholic Radio. They carried the Mass from St Patrick’s Cathedral and some “sample” shows.

So far I’m really enjoying their offerings and look forward to listening tomorrow. I’m amazed and heartened that they added another Catholic station!

BTW, I have mentioned to Sirius that I bought their product because I wanted EWTN. They were surprised!

I’m glad that you mentioned to Sirius that EWTN was the reason for your subscription. When I subscribed to cable TV, I first inquired if they carried EWTN; if they didn’t, it would be no deal.

As a side note, I only have one complaint with EWTN Radio which I get over the air from a free station–and that, oddly enough is the rosary! Sometimes I will be tuned in during the rosary, which is fine, but that eerie background music drives me crazy. Couldn’t they do the rosary without the music?

Okay, so Sirius has TWO CATHOLIC CHANNELS??? And XM has none???

Looks like I’ll be dumping XM when my subscription is up.

…and NASCAR is moving to Sirius???

That’s it. Where’s the phone…

Yea, watching cars race on the radio is a lotta run.

Did you notice that the Catholic stations are only 4 doors down from Howard Stern on Entertainment Alley?

Maybe his Eminence and Howard can cover for each other if one is out sick.


What kind of Catholic shows are they offering? If they get 2 Catholic stations, I’ll truly be interested in getting Sirius!


Actually you’d be LISTENING to cars on the radio race. But it’s not all racing, it’s interviews with all the personalities…

Anyway, yeah, I went to Sirius’s site and I don’t really know any of the personalities involved with the Catholic Channel (except the Archbishop, of course). Anyone?

I aslo called XM to confirm I can cancel my remaining credit I have on my acct. They said no problem. Sirius has a radio for $29.99 on their site!

I’m gonna call XM’s programming dept and give them one last chance since they never answered my emails. However, I emailed EWTN a while back about XM. They told me they had TRIED to get on XM but XM said it “wasn’t looking to go in that direction.”

Let’s see…programming!

Busted Halo with Fr Dave Dwyer
Ask the Cardinal with Cardinal Egan
The Catholic Guy with Lino Rulli
Across the Nation with Bob Dunning
As You Think with Fr Paul Keenan
Speak Now with Dave and Susan Konig
Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd (I heard this one and it was great…he has many years experience with Catholic Radio in Tampa, Fl.

Daily Mass 8 am Eastern from St Patrick’s Cathedral

Gus Lloyd spoke very well of EWTN and Mother Angelica and the work they’ve done. I am personally very devoted to EWTN radio, having even heard their test broadcasts in 1992, but the more the merrier. Sirius is so wonderful because even I was able to install it in my car and you could travel all over the continental US and Canada and stay on the same channel!

Personally, I was happy to get Sirius Radio several years ago because I truly appreciate their carrying Catholic Radio. Plus living in the Southern Bible Belt with so few Catholic Churches, Catholic Radio means so much.

I listened yesterday while I was stuck in a snow squall, and I even called in and got on the show! I enjoyed the little bit I was able to hear of the Catholic Guy show. I think he will get better as he becomes more comfortable in his role, but now it feels a bit choppy and “nervous” but I’m sure this is due to being new and excited/anxious, etc. I’m very happy that Sirius is doing this!!! Now - if they could only get Howard Stern off nearly every single webpage on their site, that would be great!


Ave Maria Radio was once trying to get on XM, but I guess that never quite panned out.

We went with Sirius a year ago for EWTN, and I’ve done a bit of listening to the new Catholic Channel. I think the new station will fill in more of the “light” side, with the heavy teaching and apologetics coming on EWTN.

I was VERY pleased that it did not appear to be a watered down liberal view of the Church, which I was afraid I would hear. Everyone he interviewed was quite orthodox in their beliefs and didn’t go all cafeteria on him which was nice to hear.


I have a very critical ear for anything unorthodox re our Catholic Faith, and so far have found the programming excellent:thumbsup:

I was listening to Fr Paul Keenan and was very impressed with his belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. I think every show host has mentioned confession! :smiley:

To clarify my earlier post, by “ligtht” - I meant the way they include news, sports, a bit more entertainment - I too have noticed no “doctrine Lite”.

I agree with the above posts. I was curious how the new channel would be…but I love it!

Don’t get me wrong. I love EWTN and Catholic Answers, especially. But its really nice to hear this new channel, too. It’s orthodox radio that is also entertaining.

I think Sirius has the perfect blend, now!

My favorite show is The Catholic Guy, because I’ve enjoyed Lino’s work for awhile. I wish they offered it online, so I can listen at work, but oh well…

I would LOVE to be able to listen to the channel online! I can only get Sirius in the car, so I can’t listen at other times.

Ok - let’s all go over to the Sirus site and tell them to make it available online!!! :thumbsup:


My dh has XM, which has nothing catholic at all.
And we don’t get EWTN AT ALL here. It’s not available on radio dial and even with cable you’d have to pay extra to get it. We don’t have cable at all.

**sigh XM was a gift last year from his parents, so I doubt I’ll be seeing Sirus anytime soon.:frowning: **

After a bit more time - my only complaint are the “commercials” - Sirius runs spots on the Catholic channel to adveritse other channels and this morning there was one for the R rated comedy channel :frowning: EWTN on Sirius does not run those commercials…

An awfully large chunk of Sirius total revenue goes to paying Howard Stern’s salary. What was it, a BILLION dollar ten year deal!?! Puke.

I’m lucky since I have Relevant Radio available free on good old fashioned AM radio. So I’m sending the money that would otherwise go into Stern’s pocket to Relevant Radio instead. Check out their website and podcast options if you live outside their broadcast area and (like me) can’t stand to think of your money funding Stern. RR is very orthodox and has teh blessing of the bishops in their home area. People seem to mysteriously disappear from the network with alarming regularity, but the braodcasts are always trustworthy.

Busted Halo (the podcast) is liberal. Perhaps the radio show is better. I’ve heard great things about Lino Rulli. If you subscribe to Sirius, you can listen online free of charge, I think…

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