The Catholic Church and Friday the 13th (July 13, Friday, 2007)


So the Catholic Church at one point believed Friday the 13th to be an unlucky and evil event? I do know that anything of such matter is outside the Church’s area of infallibility ( Especially, if that matter relates to something superstitious). However, I can’t help noticing much anti - Catholicsm today.:frowning:

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The Church never believed such a thing.

It is merely superstition.


I have never till now heard anyone suggest that the Church believed or taught anything like that.

@ GuanYuWarGod : If you know some individual Catholic who believes this superstition, that has nothing to do with what the Church teaches.


( Especially, if that matter relates to something superstitious). However, I can’t help noticing much anti - Catholicsm today.:frowning:

Same holds true for horoscopes. Many people don’t make a move with consulting theirs.


I have never heard this before. Can you please provide a link or and article that backs this up.


Italy is culturally Catholic and there Friday the 17th is considered a day of bad luck.

To quote a friend of mine “Never believe in superstition, it brings bad luck!”:smiley:


I don’t think the Church has ever held a position that Friday the 13th was unlucky or evil.

There might be some confusion because it’s traditionally believed that it was a Friday the 13th in which the Knights Templar were rounded up by King Phillip IV after being falsely charged as heretics.

The Templar Knights were, for lack of a better term, a military organization that was part of the Catholic Church.

That may be where the connection comes in.


Where did you get this idea?


I was taught Friday the 13th being bad luck was superstition, not church teaching. The church actually tells us to avoid superstition.

But maybe that’s just the church I grew up in.


all that stuff about Friday 13th is a load of supersticious nonsense…I always seem to have GOOD luck on that day, anyway.The Church does NOT say its evil.


People, of course I do know that such is not the teaching of our Catholic Church. But Friday the 13th has been associated with certain infamous events in World History done by certain members of the Church such as the event concerning the Knight’s Templar where a great persecution occured and the Templars were executed. Therefore, anti - Catholicsm seems stronger on Friday the 13ths. Of course, no amount of evil will ever ever change the Catholic teaching on love and such.

In modern times, it is the Roman Catholic Church’s position that the persecution was unjust; that there was nothing inherently wrong with the Order or its Rule; and that Pope Clement was pressured into his actions by the magnitude of the public scandal and the dominating influence of King Philip IV.

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