"The catholic church and the quiet revolution"


I have to write an essay on “The catholic church and the quiet revolution” and am now seeking some guidance here. Im stuck on it because i cant seem to figure out a thesis for my essay. If anyone could help me with info about my topic or suggestions for my thesis, your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Am I correct to assume you mean the quiet revolution in Quebec?


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I don’t think many Catholic in the US know much about it, including me. I have heard of some problems however. I have heard of some sort of laws that require Churches to provide services in the language of the people who go to the Church. This could mean quite a few different Masses that would need to be provided. This can be a great hardship for some Catholic parishes with only so many priests being available. This isn’t a suggestion, but a requirement by law.

I have also heard of laws that prohibit teaching that homosexuality is a sin. This would be some sort of hate crime. This is a major problem with the Church in Canada.

Also laws against teaching things like abortion and birth control being a sin.

I have heard that some Bishops have threatened to close down their Catholic schools than be silenced by the government about what they can teach regarding faith and morals.

That is all I have heard and I don’t know how accurate this information is. As far as it being a quiet revolution, it sure is. Not many know about it. It is a form of persecution of the Church.


Lifesites News is in Canada and it posts pro-life and often Catholic news. (I think it’s staffed by Catholics.) Searching their website would probably turn up lots of good information. lifesite.net/

Lifesites had a link to this article that might help you get started. hudson.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=publication_details&id=5266 From the article

“… with the death of Quebec’s conservative, nationalist premier, Maurice Duplessis in 1959. A young generation of progressives subsequently emerged that hoped to modernize Quebec society — by which they meant, among other things, to loosen the grip of the Catholic Church.”

*They called it “La Révolution Tranquille” or the “Quiet Revolution”; Quebec’s progressives were successful in peacefully and incrementally replacing the Church with the provincial state. *


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