The Catholic Church and Western Civilization


Hello. I was recently watching a series on YouTube called “How the Catholic Church built Western Civilization” by Thomas Woods. It was incredible. Basically the Catholic Church contributes to things like International Law, Economics, Universities, Rights, Philosophy & Study. But I was wondering on other essential things that weren’t mentioned. For example it seems as though the Catholic Church for along time was against freedom of speech as it persecuted many who disagreed with them (from my research but if you oppose please tell me your stance) and also it seems as though the Reinassance and the Age of Enlightenment were movements against the Church (again from my research but if you oppose please tell me your stance) and the Age of Enlightenment & Reinassance we’re very important moments in western history. How do I reconcile this? And if I’m wrong please tell me why because I am not an expert at historical matters. PS: Amazon where I live sucks and I can’t really buy good books on this issue PPS: so I have done a lot of research but my specific questions haven’t been answered clearly and they seem to be from biased secular sources. Thank You for your time.


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