The Catholic Church believes in aliens?


A friend of mine told me the Catholic Church said that aliens exist. Does anyone know about this?


Nonsense. The Church has no authority to make any definite proclamation on this matter.


It’s simply that there is no problem if they do exist. No one has ever said they *do *exist.


There’s a little bit of a misunderstanding here. Some astronomer that reportedly works for the Vatican says that, sure, aliens can exist. The media (which is extremely incompetent with Catholic matters) interpreted this as being an official declaration by the Church. It isn’t. It’s an opinion of one priest, nothing more.

This doesn’t mean that the Catholic Church disbelieves in aliens. It just has no official teaching on it.

The thing with the Vatican and Harry Potter was similar; one priest who works for the Vatican said he likes it and suddenly it was supposed to have meant that the whole Church was for it. It wasn’t. It wasn’t against it either. It has no official stance; individuals’ opinions are all that’s there.

Despite how the media reports it, the Church is not in interested in making official pronouncements about every single little thing in life.

That being said, I made friends a few years back with a guy named Michael Hesseman. Google him; he’s something of a UFO expert and has been presented to the last Pope (I don’t know if he’s met the new one). He quotes Padre Pio as saying that God surely has created aliens. Again, this is just an opinion of one person. Despite how important he was, being a Canonized Saint who is extremely popular and influential, it still was the opinion of one man.

I recall reading about some alleged Marian apparition where Mary said that aliens are just demons playing tricks on us, so when we look into the sky, we think not of God but of aliens. I don’t remember if it was an approved apparition (I’m guessing it isn’t, but do correct me if I’m wrong please), but if it was approved, it has no official bearing on Catholic teaching.


Well the astronomer at the Vatican said it was a possibility there are aliens which is one long way, light years actually, from saying there are aliens. There are a lots of things that are possible, but all possibilities do not exist. :slight_smile:


The media jumped on an interview with Fr. Funes of the Vatican Observatory that appeared in L’Osservatore Romano. Fr. Funes said he thought extraterrestrial life was possible given the size of the universe and the multiplicity of creatures here on earth. He also said he didn’t believe it contradicted the Catholic because ruling out the possibility of other beings would set limits on God.

I don’t have a link to the original article but it was reported on here:

But, as has been pointed out, there isn’t an official statement from the Vatican definitively declaring the existence of aliens.


My grandmother related a similar, if not identical, story about that. There is a place up in the northeastern US where there is a shrine that has that very phrase on it from the Marian apparition. I will try to get the exact name of the place.


No, the Catholic Church does not beleive in aliens. It believes in Christ.

That said, there is no contradiction to anything we believe in if turns out there are other beings in the universe. Since sin effects all of creation it would be plausible to assume that aliens, should they exist, would not be very pleased with us humans for having committed original sin and causing chaous to exist. But it is doubtful that a just God would permit other creatures with a soul so created to have to suffer for the consequences of humanity. So in some way we can logically conclude that either no aliens exist or if they do they are by nature also sinful and in need of salvation.

The church would require that we bring the gospel to aliens if they did exist.



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