The Catholic Church did not make the books of the Bible inspired!


…but the Catholic Church is the trustworthy witness and instrument God used to attest to the Bible’s authenticity and inspiration.

Without the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, would there be a definitive way to know what books constitute the Bible?


That’s a question about an unrealised hypothetical situation - it’s impossible to know: just as it’s impossible to know what would have happened if Britain had defeated the Thirteen Colonies. One can guess, one can frame sets of alternative possibilities - but that’s all. No one knows what would have happened - only what in fact has. So with the canonisation of the Bible. :slight_smile:


No, there would not.

And note that Christ did not tell the Apostles “Go write a book” but go preach the gospel.

It was only as the Church wrestled with the fact that most of the eyewitnesses to Christ were dead that the gospel itself was written down.

The Apostles did not subscribe to sola scriptura, nor did the early church.


Yes. Simply read some of the New Testament and then read some of the apocrypha. You’ll soon realise that anyone of normal intelligence can tell that some books are of more intellectual value than others. The Church wasn’t doing anything magical or even anything that you couldn’t do when she pronounced certain works as inspired by the Holy Spirit.


Wrong on its face.

Can you name the book of the Bible which doesn’t mention God?

Do you know why the Gospel of Thomas was not admitted to the canon?

To claim that “anybody” could distinguish between what ought to be in or out of the Bible is a calumny.


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