The Catholic Church Does Not Have a Lock on "Different" Masses


HipHopEMass (Episcopal)

:cool: “The Word was made flesh,
and dwelt in our hood” :cool:



’ Whatup dudes? In the name of the Fizzle, the Sizzle and the Hizzle Shizzle …’


Something has gone terribly wrong…


What is happening to the Anglican Church?:frowning:


I’m sorry but I find this hillarious :rotfl: , but very wrong! I guess they have no respect at all.


I don’t think its a matter of disrespect, but many have a completly different understanding of mass. Sometimes it gets taken to the extreme, but the intention of these people are to bring people to Christ.

Now if this was a Catholic church I would wait to see, it would come down to if the text of the mass was changed, and how respectful the ceremony is. If there were liturgical abuses I’d be livid. What makes the 1970s folk music that most parishes sing any better than hip-hop?


I guess just the nature of Hip-Hop is what I find offensive because it always has foul language & offensive material. I think using that music in a church would just distract others and would more likely attract the attention to the music and not the content of the mass/service.


I think it’s funny that the name “HipHopEMass” is copyrighted.


Are you serious??? :eek:


I don’t think the hip-hop could be much worse than Haugen’s “Mass of Creation”.:eek:

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