The Catholic Church...has not always taught the truth


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Only when dealing with persons such as yourself, ja4, who reject Sacred Tradition, and the Teaching Authority of the Church. You do not believe that the Apostles were capable of handing on the gospel message accurately, so it is impossible to “prove” to you that this has happened. You believe Jesus was lying when He told them that the Spirit will guide him into all truth. Or, if not, when did they stray from the truth? Was it after those beloved scriptures were canonized?


I wonder if justasking4 would have rejected Jesus in the time Jesus walked the earth because he could not read the scriptures of the New Testament?
Does he not know that only 5 of 12 apostles wrote and the command from Jesus was to preach, not write?
Oral tradition was what the history of the Church was from the beginning of time until more modern times. The Israelites even had an oral tradition as well as written tradition because most could not read and developed a large capacity for memory.



She can’t cite a single case of the Catholic Church not teaching the truth.

But I’ll be watching for it.:rotfl:


**2 Peter 2:1 there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies


Yes, you are correct here,there have been false teachers and the Church has had to address the heresies they taught in Councils.

Here is a list of many of the heresies through out the ages:


Is that a complete list?


Gee…that’s a really nice verse there…the only problem is that it actually applies to the guys who left th e Catholic Church less than 500 years ago, as I discuss in this article.
Who REALLY Preaches “A Different Gospel”?


No, it doesn’t include the errors taught by Martin Luther, like saved by faith alone and scripture alone.

But the list is a good start.

You can google Christian heresies and find more about the different heresies.


PelagianismAnd they did and we have their writings to this day!

For instance…the one in red above is one reason that we refute the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

As to if this is complete…well, there is that lot from about 500 years ago that is now known as the Protestant Reformation. The thing is, they were refuted then and have been ever since.

Their fundamental error is Sola Scriptura and because it is the virtual cornerstone of their other doctrinal errors (Like Sola Fide) it all trickles (gushes really) downhill from there.

As I said before…she cannot provide a single factual historical incident to support her allegation. IMO, it’s just baseless rhetoric and wishful thinking. :shrug:


Doesn’t this describe Protestantism, with all of its conflicting dogmas?

It even includes you!

It also includes dissident Catholics within the Church, left & right.


Add Jansenism which denied freewill and maintained that human nature is corrupt and that Christ died for the elect, not for all humanity.



Not even close!


“Re: the Catholic Church…has not always taught the truth”

People think this because they have separated Christ from His Church. Consequently, they depend on human scholarship and lexicons for their “revealed truth” because they have jettisoned the Holy Spirit from the Magisterium. They rely on pure human effort which is a form of Pelagianism.

Denial of Marian dogmas leads to Christological heresies, Nestorianism being the most popular among evangelicals, especially when you bring up “Mother of God”.

No Protestant has ever given me a year or council (in context) when the Church first taught an error, but this invention has been drilled into their brains and the fact that their is no evidence simply indicates brain washing by the constant drum-beat of mindless anti-Catholic rhetoric.

[size=][FONT=“Arial”]“Re: the Catholic Church…has not always taught the truth”[/size] is a lie. It demands re-writing history, twisting of Church teaching, taking ECF and councils out of context, and distorting the Bible to their own division (destruction). 2 Peter 3:16

Hmm…I wonder why so many Protestant bible scholars and ministers are converting to the Catholic Church?[/FONT]


I thought that was Calvinism. :stuck_out_tongue:


Calvinism does teach pre-destination. Jansenism went further and managed to penetrate some religious communities. Holy Communion became a reward for righteousnes instead of a gift of grace (on-line Catholic Dictionary). The primary focus is man’s sinfulness rather than God’s forgiveness. New Advent has an article on the development of the Jansenian heresy.
Note on Martin Luther that I learned from reading Boenhoeffer. Martin Luther’s teachings were twisted by his followers and do not reflect what he actually taught. Instead of the prevailing teaching grace + work= salvation. Luther taught grace leads us to perform the works that lead to salvation (Introduction to the Reformed Faith). It is his followers, not Luther, who changed the teaching to neglect the Gospel of James.


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