The Catholic church is a Christian church

I meant … why some people think Catholic church is not a Christian church? What is on their mind?


The members of the South Tennessee Primitive Baptists (integrated) non-Charismatic have enough sense to see that the South Tennessee Primitive Baptists (integrated) non-Charismatic ites cannot possible be the only one’s saved, or the single true Church of God. In fact, all though it is possible that the white Baptist church, which split with them over black membership, is damned, as are the “spirit Baptists”, who split later over the issue of talking with tongues, there are churches in the Dakotas and Texas and elsewhere with very similar theologies. However they have never managed to agree on a merger of assets and membership, for various reasons.
However these groups are all very clearly Christians, even if the white Baptists aren’t. So it is better and more accurate to call yourself a “Christian” than a South Tennesee whateveritsian. Catholics might not be quite as bad as the racist splitters, but they too aren’t to be regarded as real Christians, because the theology is so different.

  1. The first Church was Christian.
  2. The Catholic Church can’t be the same Church as the first Christian Church (because then their claims to be the only true Church would be true).
  3. If the Catholic Church were to be the same Church as the first Christian Church, then all other “Christian” Churches are actually heretics.
  4. Hence, the Church that calls itself Catholic can’t be Christian.


Excellent job!

I can write it shorter, though:

  1. I want to be Pope.
  2. The Catholic Church won’t let me be Pope.
  3. Therefore the Catholic Church is not a Christian Church.

They don’t pass out moonpies and bourbon for Communion, either.:stuck_out_tongue:

those reasons mentioned above are silly. They must’ve got some better reasons. Better reasons don’t mean they are correct though.

The objections and charges leveled against the Church that I heard growing up were the following (and this is for real):

1 The Catholic Mass is too much like the Satanic Black Mass to be Christian.

  1. Catholicism has absorbed pagan practices as it spread with the growth of the Roman Empire.

  2. They deny that any man (the Pope) could have authority over the whole Church

  3. The Church believes there is Apostolic Truth (Sacred Tradition)that is important for Christians to understand and follow that is not contained in the Holy Scripture.

  4. There is no need to tell a priest your sins. You need only believe in Jesus to be saved.

and last but not least, 6. We don’t agree that God is going to miraculously “rapture” us away from earth so that we Christians don’t have to suffer during the end times.

(Don’t even get me started on my personal feelings and objections to all this)

Oh I forgot one other really big one–

We aren’t Christian because we worship Mary and the Saints. (Somewhere someone failed to notice that we keep saying pray for us in all those prayers to Mary and the Saints, indicating our belief that the power is God’s alone.)

As someone familiar with evangelical, fundamentalist, Pentecostal Protestantism in many varieties, I think the above posts are missing the main objection to Catholicism. (And now I will enlighten you, he said. :stuck_out_tongue: ) The main objection is that many if not most Protestants think that to be a Christian one must have a single, life-altering, born-again experience. This concept is not familiar to most Catholics and is not typically a part of their Christian experience. Therefore, Catholics are not true Christians, except for the few who have had such an experience. ESPECIALLY those who depend on baptism are not Christians, in this view.

By the way—many Protestants DO have this life-altering born-again experience, including myself. But the main reason is that they were not raised in Catholicism with the experience of the Sacraments, Eucharist, etc. So to become a Christian requires a fairly dramatic decision on their part. They then think this decision is the “norm.”

about “life-altering born-again experience”.

A friend of mine is working at Walmart. He is very young but a great Catholic. Another Christian asked him if he had done bad stuff in the past and got some sort of, you call it, 'born-again" experience …and now become devout?

One more post—because of lack of teaching or poor teaching (my main peeve with the CC), most converts from Catholicism to Protestantism do not think of themselves as Christians before they convert. C’mon, folks! If Catholicism has the history, the apologetics, the sacraments, the Real Presence, and so on—where’s the emphasis on teaching all this in the local churches?

Sorry. Again, it’s a pet peeve.

The emphasis is most importantly at a Holy Mass, at Bible study, other church activities and ministries.

That’s what the Puritans believed, and in their colony no one who not had that life-altering born-again experience could be a citizen or own property. But some of their children didn’t have it, so they changed their belief to include that if the parents had it, their children were saved, too.

Yes. I’ve overheard many comments about Catholics in my town: “He / she is so Christian, it’s hard to believe he / she is Catholic.”

I won’t tell you where I found this junk but…

The Roman Catholic “Church” is Not Christian

Practically all precepts of the Roman Catholic religion contradict the Bible repeatedly.

Note that he states this as if it were factual. Yet…I have yet to find any such …

It is the largest cult in the world and most preachers will not openly say so because it is so large.

Really? I sure can’t tell from my own experience.

For Catholics who read this, please remember this: the person that tells you the truth is the one that cares.

Seems that I’ve heard this before…just before the guy went into a rant about how I was going to hell because I happen to be Catholic. :shrug:

For a glimpse of the atrocities committed by the Roman Catholic religion, do a net search on the Inquisition or the Crusades.

Well, based on this I guess that any religion that has any sinful people in it can’t be Christian? :hmmm:

During the Inquisition, the Catholic religion killed millions.

Did it? I’d really like to see some actual proof of all these alleged “millions”. Haven’t yet…

Why? Primarily to suppress any and all opposition to the pope.

Hang on…:rotfl: no really, wait a sec here…:rotfl:
Right…yeah…It’s odd that the documents from that time don’t bear that out.

Side “benefits” included taking the material wealth of its victims and showing the pope’s power.

Boy, where is all that wealth? Seems like somebody shouldda got more rich…and didn’t.

The Catholic Inquisitors tortured, crippled, burned, and imprisioned millions of people.

Aside from his really bad spelling, there’s those “millions” again. But how come that’s not borne out by all the regular old histories of those times?:ehh:

Whatever happened to love your enemies? (Matthew 5:44)

Don’t know…whatever happened to not bearing false witness against a neighbor.

Before we get to specific problems with Catholic doctrine, let’s review how this bloodthirsty organization treated a man who simply wanted to get the Bible into the hands of the common people. In the late 1300s John Wycilf translated the scriptures from the Latin Vulgate. Some 40 odd years after his death, the Catholic religion dug up his bones and burned them calling him an arch-heretick.

John Wyclif
Tough life back then. Maybe, just like today, everybody should stick to facts and leave off all of that heated rhetoric and propaganda. Things have a tendency to escalate…

In the 1500’s William Tyndale sought to translate the Bible into the language of the common people, English. He could not gain approval from the Catholic religon so he worked as an outlaw on the run in Europe, translating the Bible. He was eventually captured, condemned and executed in 1536.

Tyndale’s Heresy (This Rock: December 2002)

It is because of people like these men, Tyndale and Wycliffe, that we have the scriptures today. If the Catholic religion had its way, we’d still be in ignorance about the Bible and enslaved to the pope.

This is a fine example of rhetorical propaganda that is flatly inaccurate.

Time fails me here to tell of other marytrs like John Hus, John Rogers, etc. who were killed by

popish persons.

But I’m sure he’s got all his facts straight on these guys as well, right?

And then we could ask why he chooses to glorify these cases against the Catholic Church, (actually, it doesn’t take much to discern what his motives must be, right?) and ignore the similar treatment of Catholics by protestants in that same violent era.
Balance and objectivity? I think not…

What follows that is a whole long list of alleged examples of contradictions.:rolleyes: We answer these pretty much all the time. :shrug:

If I am not mistaken RCCDefender posted several bits from this same website in another thread…

THough I have seen this sort of hate propaganda many times, it’s still not typical of what I heard from the pulpit as a teen going to youth group at a pnetacostal church with the guy I was dating. However, it would seem that preacher may well have done his theology study on just such a website.

I have also read all about how we believe we are resacrificing Jesus each time we go to Mass and that this is proof that we do not believe in the once for all sacrifice of Christ and therefore are not Christian.

All in all, it really boils down to poor history and misunderstood theology meets hate propaganda. But the real problem is essentially papal primacy. That is what sparked the Reformation, as well as the separate split of the Anglican Church. And even the nonfundamentalist and not so anticatholic denominations hold out this as a big problem with the Church. No one wants to be obedient these days. That’s pretty much that. It’s so much easier to pick and choose which rules you need to follow for yourself, don’t you think?

Then again, I’ve also heard an argument that it takes much more faith to be a Protestant… after all, how much harder would it be to make it to heaven without the seven sacraments, a real priesthood, and the guidance of the Magisterium?

I think the Real Presence and veneration of Mary and the Saints would end up being the next two on the list.

There are lots of born again folks about, too, but even they don’t really believe it has to be a drastic life altering experience, or they wouldn’t bother raising their own children in the faith to prevent them making the same mistakes. Indeed the whole born again thing is often as simple as just deciding to publicly declare that Jesus is your personal Saviour. I think that’s a fine thing. I just hope for their sake they make the appropriate effort to live it, too.

Because we are not “born again”, meaning, because we follow/believe church teachings/doctrines it is impossible for us to accept Jesus as our personal lord and savior because.

For them, it’s like this:

**Born-again experience + Jesus as personnal lord and savior - church teachings/doctrines =/B] CHRISTIAN **

You’re right. This concept is absolutely foreign. It’s really hard to believe that groups believe you actually have to have a “born again experience”. If I hadn’t read it here, I honestly wouldn’t believe this is a real reason. There has to be another reason.

edit - Actually, it makes sense a particular person was talking about when she was slamming the RCC last week. If they believe in you needing a purple haze like “born again” experience before you can even be christian, the stuff they were talking about would make sense. (I wouldn’t buy it, of course, but I would have understood the reasoning better.) I hate that they talk about it in code, so that outsiders don’t get the references, though.

This forum is amazingly enlightening about alot of things. All talk about born again just seemed so fake to me, like one of those late night infomercials, that I never actually accepted that they really believed that talk.

This seems to be the main objection with most of the people I happen to know as well.

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