The Catholic Church is alive in Turkey

I visit Antalya Turkey every year with my family. During one stay last year I was searching the city for a Catholic Church. I came upon a cafe called “Paul’s Place” which happened to be a protestant run cafe that was started by an American protestant minister and a local turkish christian community. Talking to a worker there I asked if there were any Catholic churches around. He then brought me to see Msgr. Korten a Priest from Germany recently stationed in Antalya only 5 months earlier.

This was ,I believe, divine intervention. I was looking for a way to start the evangelization of Turkey and I think Msgr. Korten was the answer. Although he is there for the German population (20,000) I think he will play a role in bringing Christ to the Turkish people. Standing there with him I could not help but think how St Paul and St Barnabas must have felt there almost 2000 years earlier.

After returning to the USA I recieved in the mail a newsletter from renewal ministries (seen on EWTN) about the evangelization of turkey

To anyone who is interested in the evangelization of Turkey and who would like to help please post here.

It looks very . . . well, er . . . . Protestant. Should we be happy about this??

I visit Turkey every year I am hopeing that this year I will be able to visit the ancient see of smyrna (modern Izmir). For those of you who have not ever visited Turkey. I would highly suggest it did you know that in Ephesus the house of the Blessed Virgin still stands? It is the same that the Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich saw in her visons of which there are a few books. Also the Grave of St John the Evangelist he was buried near where the council of Ephesus was held. Also about an 8 hour drive from there is The Church of St Nicolas (Santa claus) which is in pretty good shape considering it is 1600 years old. Also there are some awesome churches in Istanbul and underground churches in cappadocia.

Did you also know that all of the seven churches of revelation is right in Turkey and you could see them all within a one week tour? If you do go there they have many tour groups that cator to Catholics there.

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